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  1. No its the older version. Still f7' I used a AT 0.8 FR so its at fl 5.6 . Thanks
  2. Well I got a great deal on a SV 102mm Doublet so I been trying it out. It came with a nice FT focuser. Has very nice optics as most SV do. About the only thing it does not do well is very bright stars' but most doublets have a hard time with this imaging wise. Visually it's fine. My guiding has not been working do to some cable issues. So this is just 27 x 60" with a Mod Nikon d5300. Not my best m3 but not bad. Thanks for looking. Bob '
  3. I am sorry. Just made the image public. Thanks https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100011218458143
  4. Been playing around with 3D in PS since Face Book supports 3D now. One has to have 2 images. I used my original Horse Head from this past fall for the original. In PS make a copy of it and it has to be monochrome or gray scale' than use filters ect to scrub some of the detail. This takes some practice to get the desired effect. The gray image will be the Depth image. Then add the original image.jpg and image__depth.jpg to photo on FB. FB will take both and create the 3D version. Its fun to mess with. Here is a link to my Horse Head on my Local Astro group. Thanks bob https://w
  5. I have taken images of m3 most years. This year my guiding would not work. Everytime I get to clear declination backlash PHD just stops after 70 tries. So I just did 60sec images. Using a SV102 ED ' Cgem' Nikon d5300 modified. 76x 60sec' 75 bias '10 flats. Taken at fl5.6 using the AT 0.08 fr. Not my best M3 but fair. Thanks for looking all.
  6. Way overpriced. They pop up on astromart all the time for much less. The CGX would be a much better buy. Even the CGEM on sell now is a nice mount that many have used to get very nice images. The pro was just a bad design by Celestron.
  7. Really nice star colors also.
  8. Thank' i always like just a tad towards the blue' it brings out some detail better than towards the yellow.
  9. Had a really nice evening here in the midwest. Calm' temps in the low 50's. Skies just perfectly clear. To bright for DSO's so the moon it was. Used my SV 102mm at f7. Canon 450d at iso 1600. 25 subs at 1/4000 sec. Fun night. Thanks link to astrobin https://www.astrobin.com/401413/?nc=user
  10. Well not bad. Congrats on the observatory. Your Background seems bright. Maybe use your histogram and go darker.
  11. Hi all' Been gone for a while. Do not do much here in the Winter. To cold. I just got a new scope a Stellarvue 102 Doublet with FT focuser f7. I have a AT 0.8 FR that came with my old AT 115in F7. So I thought I would try it on the SV 102.. I took 20 90sec subs of m37. Let me know what you think. It looks to be okay. All the subs had round star's. But 2 eyes or better than one. Thanks for any help.
  12. Had some clear skies' sort of. Very humid ' not great transparency. But got 23 3min subs before clouds arrived. Also 2 darks and 2 flats. AT 115mm and Nikon 5300 modified. I was happy with the results with such conditions. From Southern Indiana' USA Thanks
  13. Just awesome ' Love the look. 10 stars out of 10.
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