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  1. I'm just having some confusion over what eyepiece to buy with all the information about exit pupils, field of view, etc. I'm planning on buying a 12" Lightbridge or maybe a Sky-Watcher and I think that buying another eyepiece with it is a good idea, since the included piece probably wont be the best and I'll want a different magnification. I know that I should stay under 600x with a 12" aperture, but I don't know whats sizes would be good for viewing things from nebulas to planets. I'm also worried about getting a coma around the image. My question is What 1 or 2 eyepieces would be suitable for viewing DSO's or planets with a Dob? What do you use?
  2. Wow, lots of good responses. Thanks. I've got a $1000 budget for a telescope. A Dob sounds like what I'm looking for. I have also thought about taking a few pictures, but as I look into astrophotography, the price just keeps going up. I might save that for the future as I learn a little more about telescopes. I don't think I would mind nudging the scope every so often, and would probably get a good equatorial mount later on. I'll also be looking more into eyepieces. This decision will not be rushed, as I'll spend quite a lot of time seeing what others use and what they think.
  3. I stumbled upon this forum a lot when doing some research, so I decided to join and take a look around. Lot's of helpful information here. Anyways, after a few months of reading and a few sessions of using binoculars, I think I'm ready to get a telescope. I believe I understand the basics of telescopes, so I don't think I'm completely lost. I'm caught between a Dobsonian or a Mak-Cass scope; Dobsonian for its large aperture and suggestions of it being the beginner's telescope (and I have a car that can lug one of these around), and the Mak-Cass for good planetary viewing and portability. I just can never figure out which type would be the best (Dobsonian? Mak-Cass? Something else?). I've got a nice budget, so I'm not going to be cheap about my selection (but I won't go overboard either). I would love something that would allow me to see a lot of DSO's once I get a little better of finding things in the sky. I'm sure that many telescopes can show you the same planet or nebula, but I'm concerned with kicking myself in the future for not making the right decision. I think there's a star party in the next week or so, and I'll definitely be going to that to get some more info. Anyway, I hope to learn a lot from this site.
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