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  1. In the current 0.19.3 of stellarium, you can connect directly to ASCOM. There is no need anymore for stellariumscope. This makes things a little bit easier.
  2. Hi, I still have some trouble of getting my new EQ6-R (first real mount) polar aligned. There are some pretty good videos on youtube, but they are all about the reticle of EQ5 or EQ6. In EQ6-R the reticle changed significantly as I see and the manual is not made for beginners like me, that's what I feel. My main problem is how to set up the reticle clock to horizontal? If I had a clue how to make it horizontal, the rest should be easy. Just placing the polaris at the position/"time" the synscan tells me. Any hints from you? Thanks in advance! Clear skies, Chris
  3. Hi Stefan, no, I was not able to get the drivers running and decided to switch to a ZWO ASI cam, where the drivers are widely available. CS, Chris
  4. I guess, dithering on one axis is better than no dither. And using the Star Adventurer, you will not completely stop DEC drift, so you get movement on the second axis, too. I don't use dithering so far and I am quite new to astro-photography, please tell me, if I am wrong! Chris
  5. Hi Marci and Louise, thanks for your help! I hope I will have the chance to setup guiding this night (at -14°C)... Chris
  6. Hi, I am using the SA with a Canon 650D and a 300/4.0 L USM for some months now. In order to get longer exposure times (>30 sec) I just got a little guiding cam (TSGM120M: https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/language/en/info/p8963_TS-Optics-Mono-Planetenkamera-und-Guidingkamera-mit-Aptina-CMOS-Chip.html). Stand alone guiding like the M-GEN II is way to expensive from my point of view, so I decided to use PHD(2) on a laptop to do the guiding. I use the Orion 50 mm Guide-Scope mounted on the second port of the L-Mount. But I don't know how to set up PHD2 to work with the SA. The guider-cam will be connected over USB to the laptop and over the ST-4 cable to the ST-4 port of the SA - now question about that. There are some users in the forum, who already work with PHD and the SA as far, as I have seen. So maybe someone could help me about what "Mount" and "Aux Mount" do I have to choose in the connection dialogue of PHD? How do I switch off DEC-guiding, as the SA doesn't provide it? Any experience with the dither function BackyardEOS provides with PHD2 connectivity? Many thanks in advance! Chris
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