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  1. Hello everyone. I'm interested in starting AP, And would like to know which camera to purchase. Even though I don't know much about camera's either I looked at the canon T6 because of the kit it comes with on Amazon and it's inexpensive. Thanks
  2. Hello everyone. My question my question has to do with magnitudes. I'm a little confused, if a telescopes limited stellar magnitude is 14.2 I would be able to view any object under magnitude 14.2 on a clear night of course? I've been looking at online Messier objects and range from a 5 to 10.5 or higher or lower. So if a telescopes is 14.2 does that mean I could view them? Thank you
  3. Hi stargazers. I have a question about lap tops or chrome books. I have a starshoot solar system camera from orion, I want to try and start imaging. I would like to know what I should buy a lap top or a chrome book,and if there is a difference. I always wanted to download stellarium and deep sky stacker. Can you download all of them on your laptop or chrome book or is deep sky stacker for a home computer? My other question is Barlow lenses. Does it matter which Barlow lens you buy? I want a 2x. I've seen Barlows for $12.99-$300.00. I wanted a orion shorty Barlow but seen cheaper Barlow. Any ideas would be helpful. Thanks. Remember keep looking up
  4. Hello everyone. I was wondering if you need a computerized telescope for AP.
  5. I did a lot of research which is confusing to me. I've looked at the Orion ed80 sirius mount or Orion sirius 8 inch eq but don't know if there enough scope for AP such as your photo or other DOS. I'm really scared of the mount since I've never used an eq mount. The polar alignment is very confusing to me since my starseeker doesn't have that mount and is very easy to use.any ideas would be a great help
  6. Very nice. I am a rookie astronomer and currently own a starseeker 130. I'm wanting to get really serious into AP. I'm looking for a set up to view DSO. Such as the one you captured spending around 1500 for the scope and mount.
  7. That looks like a very nice set up. My question is does that scope bring dso close for imaging and photos. As i said i know little to nothing about scopes. I've looked at pics online of nebula and galaxies and some of the equipment used,I was shocked when I seen they used a 6 inch scope for there beautiful views and thought for sure it would be a bigger scope. I wanted to spend no more than 2000 for the scope and mount, thanks a lot for your time
  8. My budget for the scope and mount is 2000. I wanted it for astrophotography. Since I'm new at this I wanted my telescope to be the last one I will ever buy and Wil give me a lot of time to learn on it. I work 3 days a week 12 hour days and have a lot of time on my hands. Lifting isn't a problem. I was told the bigger the scope the better the views however my scope is the only one I've ever looked through lol. Thank you
  9. Hi everyone. I own an original starseeker 130 from orion that I had for years now .it's ok but doesn't have the power I'm looking for. I'm looking for a telescope that brings deep sky objects close and wanted to start astrophotography .ive been deciding what to get for month's now and its confusing to me. I was thinking about a orion sirius 8 inch or 10 inch atlas. I wanted to get a canon T6 Eos camera for photos. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated
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