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  1. Having recently blown my birthday budget on a new bicycle, I had nothing left for an astro type scope I was going to get. However whilst casually reading on another forum's sale page, I come across a piccolo (non ed). £40 inc postage. Hopefully it works out? Better than no scope at all I suppose ??
  2. @alanjgreen thank you for clearing that up. Also "turn left at Orion" is on my list of considerations. I just have to try and sneak it under the wife's watchfull nose! @Handy_Andy interesting calculator... I'm sure it will come in good use for future reference. @mikeDnight I have a velbon ef-61. It does the job. I once had a quick look through a birders opticron hr ed 80mm with a max zoom of 70x. Crikey the image was yellow and could barely focus! So I am a bit cautious of high mag.
  3. First and most importantly I'm not in any rush as my birthday isn't until July. So i have plenty of time to think things through. My budget will be an estimated £120-£150. More towards the former though as there might be some non astro stuff to get. I've been reading many web pages and bashing the threads on this site and seem fairly settled on the skywatcher heritage 100p. For the moment I'm happy binocularing in my garden in these cold evenings of late picking out and learning the constellations. I envisage a similar use for the skywatcher in which I use it to learn the skies. I may at
  4. Thank you to all above for your warm welcomes ?. While I'm here and don't know exactly where else to ask, can anyone recommend any YouTube astronomers to follow?
  5. Has anyone here heard of or have read this book? https://g.co/kgs/SR9mQp If you haven't then i highly recommend it! It's full of great advice for anyone looking into getting their first set of binoculars.
  6. Any of the x50mm opticron porro models should be a safe bet. I've heard many good things about them. I may well head down the Porro line at some point in the future.
  7. Greetings all. My name is Craig and I'm from north Devon. I've been a general binocular user for a few years. I have recently took up phonescoping hence my user name. I've had an interest in astro for a while but never went much further than reading the odd news article here or the odd bino stint there. So all in all I hope to build on this hobby slow and steady and look forward to getting involved with this site ?.
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