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  1. also had a look at the borg quad scope but i didnt fancy building it lol
  2. Ive decided to go with the awsi1600mm cooled camera with the star wave 70edq-r quad apo.
  3. yeah i was having a look at the starwave quad think i may go with the altair instead
  4. Oh ok, problem is for me FLO doesnt do financing so im outta luck on buying the scope from them.
  5. Ive read about issues with the star71 but nothing on the meade scope other then the price any other reasons you wouldnt go with the meade scope?
  6. Mitten


    hehe thanks, i've been watching youtube alot on cameras at the moment. I've also definately picked what scope i want. Just time to pick an imaging camera.
  7. So i've kinda chosen between the two and decided to go with the meade. I've seen some bad things with the optics on the star 71 ii. Not going to risk it.
  8. So Ive been trawling places to find what ccd to go with my potential setup. It consists of either a Wo Star71 ii telescope on a HEQ5 pro mount but after ive read things about the optics on star 71 ii so i've been torn to get the Meade 6000series 70mm quad scope. Ive also decided the ccd i would potentially use should be a monochrome ccd. I dont know what to look for in these cameras except for Quantum Efficiency. Im also having trouble with picking a guidescope cam too.
  9. So for a few days now i've been trying to find a "Refractor" Telescope. Problem is i'm having difficulty in differentiating between two of them, plus i'm kinda torn as to which one to choose as neither has that much info on them from what i've been able to search and find from peoples experience with them. The two telescopes in question are: William Optics Star 71 ii and the Meade 6000 series quad 70mm Apo. So if anyone can help with this would be much appreciated.
  10. Mitten


    Cheers thanks guys :).
  11. Mitten


    Just joined, been researching alot of things for along while now on astrophotography. Im finding things a little confusing and difficult with telescopes.
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