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  1. Got my telescope setup on Wednesday night and saw my first glimpse of Mars. Fantastic! I'm still in the process of setting up the mount so I can use it properly, getting there slowly. I thought the manual was Rubbish, but after reading a lot of forums and posts here, it looks like I'm not alone in thinking this. The closer I get to setting it up properly, the more I can see how rewarding it's going to be. I'll keep you posed. Thanks again for your help, looks like I've made the right choice of telescope and mount. Andy
  2. Cheers, sounds good. I'll be keeping it in the shed. Please anyone shout up if you're aware that keeping a telescope in a normal garden shed could damage anything on the telescope, sub-zero temperature-wise in the winter. Thanks Andy
  3. That's brilliant, thanks. Is a typical wooden outdoor shed safe enough to keep it in, temperature-wise? That sounds most practical to me. cheers
  4. Thanks for all your help and tips and links. It's much appreciated. I'm definitely going to order a monthly mag, Sky At Night looks like a good bet. The telescope arrived in the post yesterday, I'll be setting it up this weekend as it will probably take some time to do it. It came with a free moon filter, and I also ordered a light pollution filter, which the bloke in the shop said will help. Do you guys take your telescope outside in the garden when you use it? Or is it more normal to set it up in front of a window indoors looking out? I think I'll need to take it outside each time? The 200P with EQ mount might be a lot to move around each time, so I'll have to play it by ear when I use it, regarding where to store it and move it afterwards. Andy
  5. I still haven't grasped exactly what an equatorial mount is all about. Martin_h said it's a mount that is "aligned to the north celistial pole which will allow accurate tracking of an object" Does it track an object in the sense of slowly moving, compensating for the rotation of the earth? I assume it doesn't track an object in the same way a 'goto' unit works? Are equatorial mounts just difficult to setup, and once they're setup the viewing experience is enhanced? I ordered a Skywatcher EXPLORER-200P (EQ5) from the internet at the weekend, which should arrive in the post either tomorrow or Wednesday. Hopefully I'm not jumping in at the deep end with that telescope, I'm sure I'll be okay once I've learned how to use it. cheers, Andy
  6. Thanks. Could anyone paste a link to astronomer's news and events please for UK. e.g. Mars appeared in the sky last night, but I only heard about this morning from a friend. If I wanted to see Saturn in the sky, how would I know where to look and when it appears? Is Saturn only observable at particular times in the year? Thanks, Andy
  7. Thanks again for your feedback. I have another question: I was speaking to a friend who used to have a telescope, and he said he had trouble looking at the moon, especially a full one, as it was too bright and hurt his eyes after a while. Is this a common problem looking at the moon through a telescope? If so, is there a remedy, like dark-filters or something?
  8. Thank you all for your valuable feedback. It's very much much appreciated. I've ordered 'Turn left at Orion' from Amazon, and I think I'll buy the Skywatcher EXPLORER-150P (EQ3-2). Thanks also for pointing out 'the Universe' on history HD channel. I'm setting it to record. If it's anywhere near as good as Extreme Universe on national geographic, it will be a great watch. I've just been looking at some of Hubble's images, I can't believe my eyes. What a beautiful universe we live in. Thanks again, look forward to chatting with you soon, Andy
  9. Hi all, I’ve been watching the series ‘Extreme Universe’ on National Geographic channel, and have been blown away by what I’ve seen. It’s ignited a passion in me to explore the universe with my own eyes. To actually see the Andromeda galaxy, Saturn’s rings and other planets in our solar system would be fantastic, so I’m planning on buying a telescope. I'm first looking for some assistance... I’m thinking of spending between £250 and £300, although up to £400 might be okay. Reading some of the forums so far, it looks like a Skywatcher EXPLORER-150P (EQ3-2) would be a good buy. I just have a couple of questions about some of the jargon and terms that are being used, and about some basics. How exactly does a GOTO system work? If I’m in my garden and want to point the telescope at Saturn, or at another galaxy, how would I tell it to “go to” Saturn? Does a GOTO system consist of a computer keypad and screen? What does EQ3 mean? How big are these telescopes, height, length, width etc. I’m thinking of storage, as we only have 1 spare room, which is quite cluttered as it is. Can these types of telescopes be kept in a shed, even in the winter? How much better is the next model up – the EXPLORER-200P (EQ5)? I saw this for £399, and I’m wondering what I’d get for the extra £100? Hope you can help. Many thanks Andy
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