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  1. i got a 130p skywatcher and am really pleased with it, but if your budget allows then bigger aperture is better, maybe a 150p
  2. test your scope out and focus in on the moon and if theres bluryness then possibly. I use stellarium when i want to look for something i check on my laptop then run back outside, sometimes i have to run back in and have another look, should just take the blumming thing outside with me.
  3. its always good to start with the moon, after that id recommend you try saturn
  4. just make sure you expectations are realistic or you will be dissappointed whatever scope you get
  5. i opted for a 130p for my 1st scope just after xmas, i have been pleased with my decision so far.
  6. i have looked at a neximage, spc900nc and toucam pro II, are the others similar to these i should look out for especially on the for sale section?
  7. dont worry gemma 2 to 3 months ago i was in the same boat as you, a complete beginner and i had no clue how to even assemble my scope together, like you i found my expectations to be unrealistic and at 1st i was dissappointed. But now i am getting to grips with it and when you actually find something you have been searching for and actually take it all in at what you are looking at possibly thousands of years in the past it is an amazing thought. Its like fishing, you can sit there for hours and get nothing but when you do it is so rewarding. Stars wont look no different than the naked eye, but for me when i first saw saturn and could see the rings i was so pleased with myself. So I guess im trying to say dont worry Gemma we were all new at some stage and in the same boat as you, you will get to learn more and more, each night is different, that is the beauty of it. If you dont have it already then download Stellarium it will show you what is in the sky for you to see and where to find it
  8. not looking to spend that much on a cam just yet , must be some cheaper option webcams or something
  9. I want to start imaging some time soon, can any of you suggest some suitable cams that are cheap as this will be my 1st time doing this I dont want to spend too much at the moment as its just to see what I can do before i fork out for a decent camera. Thanks
  10. coxie

    Instant addict

    most people want to see saturn when they are new, i was no exception
  11. i bought the skywatcher 130p as my 1st scope and am very happy with it, if you want the 130mm then get a 130p, the p is for parabolic mirror which is better than a sphereical mirror
  12. thanks doc that sort of thing is what im looking for
  13. i am interested in this too, if i got 1 would it give me a better view of nebula
  14. I have a 130p and have mainly looked at the moon and planets since having it. I'd like to start going for other objects now like m81 and m82 but before I do was wondering what other suggestions you guys have. What can i expect to see with a 130p, i have seen some images and know they wont be like that but say i was to look at a galaxy how would it look through my scope? if someone could provide pictures that would resemble what i will see that would be great.
  15. i was out last night too around bromley area stu, i spent most my time looking at saturn as it was my best view of it yet with my new 17mm and 7.5mm eyepieces.
  16. i guess this is the beauty of astronomy, every night is different and its a challenge learning
  17. had anymore luck with this in the last few days luke?
  18. i live just outside london and ive never seen the milky way in my life, i wouldnt know where to start
  19. if you are prepared to be patient you might find 1 on here in the for sale section 2nd hand within a couple of weeks within your price range
  20. I have a goto and im quite new and it didnt take anything away from me, i also used to scan the sky without the goto's help on occassions so i see it as having the best of both
  21. didnt he say his name was tim? lol
  22. luke let me know if you manage to find a combination which works better for viewing saturn i had the same issue as you.
  23. that last image is how i saw saturn in my 130p too paul. I only had a 25mm eyepiece though as i didnt have much time left and have only observed it once, all i can say is i hope it gets better than that for me. I am yet to see any detail on mars yet just still looks like a star to me.
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