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  1. Are you serious?

    With the number of posts i have since joining and the few bits and pieces i have bought in a short time scale from FLO................i think i entitled to a rebate of about £5.

    I've spent near on £200 since Christmas.


    FLO get your checkbook out..................or send me a nebula filter FOC and we will call it quits.


    lol same here luke, but your total post counts beats mine hands down but if you work out the percentage i would say im entitled to a 50p refund

  2. thats a good enough starter scope going purely by the specifiactions you've given. I haven't used 1 myself but you should be able to see jupiter and saturn and the rings, and some deep sky objects like galaxys and nebulae depending on the light pollution in your area

  3. thanks for all the help so far.....what i'm wondering is if i spend £150 on a telescope how good will i be able to see things, e.g saturn and rings

    will it be clear of just a bright light?

    i bought a skywatcher 130p they are £162 on first light optics and i can see saturn and the rings nicely on good nights, its like anything you get what you pay for but a 130p like mine will give you good views and years of fun before you want to upgrade to bigger.

  4. dobs are popular because you get more scope for your money, but i like having a mount, i like being able to take it out and set it up in a dark field. Its really a personal choice though on which you feel benefits you more, i went for a goto on my scope and i like to find things manually but if i cant and get frustrated then i have to goto as backup, but getting a goto will mean to stay within your budget you would have to get a smaller aperture scope

  5. id recommend for a cheapish scope which is a capaable allrounder and the scope i chose a Reflectors - Skywatcher Explorer 130P but if you have more than that to spend then go up to a 150p but the 130 wont let you down. Just make sure your expectations are realistic by having a look through this forum a bit more to get more knowledge on what you can expect to see. Also firstlightoptics are the best to purchase from and the cheapest.

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