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  1. I realise this is a shot in the dark, but has anyone used a Dioptrx with the SLVs? I have astigmatism, and I am tempted to try the dioptrx, to leave my glasses behind.
  2. Thank you kindly! I've received the Mak, and we've had a total of one evening without clouds... That was mostly spent looking at the moon, and was a resounding success! The Tycho Brahe crater being a special favourite. I am curious to how you see the ED72 or ED80 complementing the Mak, compared to a Dobsonian.
  3. Well, there is no going back now, at least according to DHL
  4. I ended up replacing the BST and the ES 24/68 eyepieces with Vixen SLV 9,12 and 25. It leaves a big gap, but for starters it will have to do. I got excellent service from FLO, and the order got shipped out the door just in time for the weekend. With cold and clear weather from Russia announced...we'll be eagerly awaiting our shipment from Exeter!
  5. I did not realise that some of the BST eyepieces were on back order. With the weather now for next week being forecasted as cold (well slightly cold -15c) and sunny, I'm tempted to replace the BST eyepieces with Vixen SLV. The alternative is to wait 10 days for the order to be sent. I guess the limited field of view on the Vixens would not be such a disadvantage in the Mak. Especially if we'll mostly use it for lunar, planetary and double star visual observations. FLO has the 9, 10, 12, 20 and 25 in store. The 15 being on back order. I've not really considered a Barlow, should I?
  6. After a bit to and from, I ended up with the 127 mak az gti, the bst 8, 12, 18 and an es 24 68. Hopefully this will be a nice continuation on our lunar observations with my old binoculars. Thank you kindly for all the help!
  7. Seems the most sensible then is to just to get the eyepieces I want for the 127 Mak, and then deal with the rest later. Thanks for the advice.
  8. Silly question, but is it correct that the Skymax 127 uses 1"25 eyepieces, while the ED80 uses 2". I suspect it is not quite that simple, and that there is some sort of adapter? I have a decent Velbon Sherpa 600R photo tripod, could it be used with a widefield telescope/binos?
  9. Just a quick final question before ordering the Mak 127 and AZ Gti mount. Do you think the ED72 or ED80 would fit on the Az Gti wifi? I'm thinking that it could be a handy widefield telescope in the future. There are some Dobsonians available s/h in Norway, like this https://www.finn.no/bap/forsale/ad.html?finnkode=112432120 - Keep in mind though that the s/h market here is almost inexistant...I'd prefer to try to source a Dobsonian locally, in lieu of the postage etc. For eyepieces I'll start with the BSTs, and take it from there.
  10. Just a quick last question, before I outstay my welcome! If I was to look at a suitable refractor, what would that be? My top limit on the budget is roughly £1000, I would prefer to go lower, but would the ED100 be significantly better than the 127 Mak? Splitting double stars I guess, is an area where the refractor would shine?
  11. Thank you all for the kind help. It is much appreciated. I had not thought of the idea of getting two scopes, but in hindsight that seems like a good idea.
  12. What eyepieces would be a good choice with the Skymax 127? I use spectacles, so good eye relief is important.
  13. I don't think he meant to "force" his kid to be interested. Just that it is of course always nice when you can connect through a common interest. My son has no interest in football, while I'm a passionate Arsenal supporter. I've been going to the Arsenal since the early 80s, but my son has no interest. I'll be honest to say that for me that is a bit sad, but you as you say "you cant force them to be interested". But he is interested in the stars, so I'll try to find common ground there. My wife would say that any telescope would be cheaper than you going from Norway to London regularly wi
  14. I live as far south as you can come in Norway, and we have a few dark sites, with a view due south across sea. Still, as you say, Mars in opposition will be very low, so I am not expecting miracles....Still I think with the tent and everything that goes with, we can have a nice night with a portable telescope. As you know, hiking and the stars is an excellent mix.
  15. Good evening, My seven year old son is showing an interest in astronomy, and I would like to support this interest. Consequently, it is time to buy a telescope. We've used some old binoculars 7x50, and the moon is a big favourite in these. I'm hoping to buy a telescope that can show the rings of Saturn, Jupiter, and something that can split easier double stars. I am sure whatever we buy, it will show the moon in better detail than my old binoculars. The budget is £500-£900. It must cover the postage to Norway. My first thought was an 8" Dobsonian. It seems to be the
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