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  1. Great catch; I should have noted there would be a shift in time due to latitudinal differences. As a reference, I observe from 35.1N. Thanks!
  2. It’s crazy, and makes me want to move to darkest wilds to be able to see all of the faint ones, but the wife will have none of that!
  3. That's awesome. I was wondering what those smudges might have been before scrolling down. Great work!!
  4. RJ901

    Hi, from Memphis!

    Thanks all!!! Thoroughly enjoying the lounge!
  5. 10 for me... should have been more, but for the horrific weather we've had for the past month here in Memphis, Tennessee. 5 of those sessions were actually in Uruguay, where I was on vacation the end of January. Got "this" close to finishing the AL's Southern Sky Telescopic program (40 of the 50 observations). But it was a thrill to see Omega Centauri, 47 Tucanae, the Carina Nebula, LMC, SMC, etc. I bought my nephews, who live there, a Meade 130 mini-lightbridge, with the ulterior motive of getting to use it myself, and what a great little go-scope that is. I'll try to go through my
  6. At the intersection of boredom, astronomy and excel lies my analysis of the objects within the NGC (sorry if this is old news). I made these tables using the data from the NGC/IC Project. It may help in further organizing your observational data, or planning, it might not, but it's kind of neat to see the breakdown by objects within the catalog (and it was fun to put together). Let me know if you catch any errors and I can update! -Rick Some interesting findings: I knew there were a bunch of galaxies in the NGC, just was not aware that 80% of all the existing, non-duplicate obj
  7. RJ901

    NGC 1528

    Love this idea! Thanks!
  8. RJ901

    NGC 1528

    Thanks! Trust me, I don’t have too much I care to share in public either!!
  9. RJ901

    NGC 1528

    NGC 1528 at 150x Spent just under 45 minutes at the eyepiece, so ran up against the issue of field rotation (really for first time in my limited sketching experience) and realized the importance of not only anchoring features to certain areas within the eyepiece, but also (and probably more importantly) using the relative locations between 3 and 4 stars at a time to make as accurate a sketch as possible.
  10. One shot (live photo) with iPhone 8+, not sure which EP I used... 32mm Plossl? 10" Dob, processed to enhance details on the phone with Photoshop Mix (adjusted contrast, clarity and saturation up, shadows down) and crop.
  11. Gassendi Crater and Surroundings One of the most interesting areas of the moon containing a huge array of various features. Seeing was just OK; this was the best out of a dozen or so shots. I may have gotten carried away with the labels, but the act of labeling was fun and greatly helped expand my understanding this portion of the moon. The detail in Gassendi and the area surrounding the Agatharchides craters were particularly fun to explore. 26 Feb 2018 Memphis, TN iPhone 8 Plus, Zoomed to 1.5x Sky-Watcher 10” Dob 3.2mm Agena Astro ED Eye Piece
  12. RJ901

    IC 4996

    Thanks, Rune! Practice is helping immensely. My first sketches were mainly just doubles for the AL Double Observing program; seeing other sketches online inspired me to try other objects. I think it will be a long, long time before I can match some the work i’ve seen here on the forums; talented folks, indeed!!!
  13. RJ901

    IC 4996

    The ongoing deluge continues in my neck of the woods so, instead of enjoying the lack of a moon, I’ve scanned my first sketch, made this past October: Open Cluster IC 4996, in Cygnus. I’ve got a long way to go, especially with getting the scale right, but I definitely enjoy the almost Zen like state of focus that I fall into while spending 30+ minutes on one DSO. It’s also made me spend more time on each object while not sketching; its incredible the details that pop out after 15+ minutes, even in light polluted skies.
  14. RJ901


    These are awesome!! Having just started with sketching, I have hopes that in 35 years I’ll be able to look back on a stack of sketches half as brilliant. Great stuff!
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