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  1. I first caught sight of Jupiter by chance on the 21st this month. Being a newbie I got my tablet to confirm what it was then set up again after packing up an hour earlier. I was so impressed and got some video with my phone held over eyepiece on my Mak 127. I did however come to the conclusion that I need a new 10mm as the stock one won't focus properly. I was more prepared Friday past and managed to get more video. This was with Mak 127, 25mm stock do, 2x Barlow, sony z3 phone held over eyepiece, still taken and edited from video on phone
  2. As a complete newbie I'm currently reading through the posts for beginners and found this article very interesting. I was telling my other half who says why don't I use his dearly departed uncles binoculars and and see what's out there. I was like a kid in a sweetie shop because I'd forgotten they were here. To my ultimate dismay I can see nothing because of the cloud cover. Never the less I am the owner of a pair of Swift Saratoga 8x40 m1 binoculars from 1967. I can wait for a clear sky now ?
  3. Tracy Burnett


    Hi I'm Tracy from Aberdeen Scotland and I am very much a beginner to astronomy and (hopefully) astrophotography. I've just bought my first telescope, a skywatcher skymax 127 synscan az goto. I look forward to learning out there in the night sky.
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