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  1. Do you not need one of the Celestron scopes to go with it?
  2. Rob You should be able to connect directly to the focuser using an adapter - is the D750 a Canon model? When I bought my 130P it came with a Canon fit adapter which I have no use for - I would be happy to post it to you (provided I can still find it).
  3. cv01jw


    I am seeing the show in Bournemouth on Wednesday - can't wait
  4. If you already have a dob, could you look at re-using your existing scope on a goto mount?
  5. My new EP's come in their own Eyepiece Vaults!
  6. Get your wallet ready then! ETA. With either mount you will also need a power supply as well - best to factor the cost it beforehand.
  7. I have a Star Discovery and think it is a great mount, although it doesn't have wifi and uses a handset instead. Be aware that to mount your reflector onto either of those you will need to fit a dovetail bar to the scope. (or you can do what I did when I found this out, and buy a new scope too)
  8. Finally got around to opening up the package containing my Denkmeier EP's. Really was not expecting the EP cases to be quite so cool - nice solid metal cases which screw together (apparently called Vaults). The EP also screws into the base of the case to hold it securely in place. The EP's themselves are lovely too, a real step up from the BCO's I have in terms of feel, but I guess that should be expected given the price difference. The view through the scope was OK and I was a tad disappointed when looking at M13, so much so I went and got my 10mm BCO to compare. The view through the BCO was equally poor, so I turned to the Moon to note so much shimmering it was like looking through water. I will have to have another go when the conditions are better. Anyway, here are some photos of the EP's and their 'Vaults':
  9. Forecast for me was good, got the scope out to cool under clear skies. Went outside at about half nine and clouds had rolled in. Packed up and went back inside - checked outside when heading to bed a half hour later and it was clear again!
  10. Sat at home waiting for me are a pair of Denkmeier EP's (14 and 21mm) shipped over from the US :) Excitement is only tempered by the HMRC charges - I think they have worked it out incorrectly and so I have the faff of submitting a claim to have some of the money back.
  11. Hi, nice to see you are enjoying the scope :)
  12. I have a selection of things to sit on depending on how vertical (or not) the tube is - a chair, small stool and smaller still stool. The most difficult bit was lining up Polaris as the scope is near vertical - so I was stooped over and twisted to look up through the finder.
  13. I was excited at the clear skies last night and managed to get an hour to give the dob its first light. The scope is new to me and is double the aperture of my next largest scope and so I was hoping for some cracking views. The first half hour was a bit of a let down as I realised how unprepared I was for manual star hopping. After a faff with stellarium on my phone I picked a couple of easy targets and set about learning how to use the finderscope without breaking my neck - note to self - take a star atlas out next time! First up was a simple one, line up on Polaris and check collimation. It was, to my eyes, bang on, so I worked along the plough to Mizar, splitting it easily from Alcor - my first double star split I used it to see what the FOV would be like with the three EP's I have at present - a set of Baader BCO's in 6, 10 and 18mm lengths. All three were great to my eyes. Next up I moved on to M13 - something I have only seen through binoculars. This was a challenge for me to find but was worth it. In the 18mm EP it was lovely, fuzzy centre obviously lit from inside, with a good number of individual stars visible as you move outwards. Stepping up to the 10mm it was about perfect - filled the central 50-60% of the EP and looked magnificent. I spent what felt like ages just staring at it. I tried with the 6mm and it (just) fit in the EP but didn't look quite as crisp as the through the 10mm, so I went back down again and looked some more. As a final check I put my 26mm plossl EP in and was surprised how good the view was - I was expected all sorts of aberrations around the edge but to me it appeared sharp over pretty much the whole view. Considering this was a kit EP with my Mak, I am happy it provides my 'Widefield' EP for now. As I was packing things away Mars popped up over the fence, but despite several attempts to move the scope to a higher position I couldn't quite see it - that would have been a great end to the evening. I am now really looking forward to getting out again, remembering to take my atlas out with me, and get some practice at star hopping in. Also looking forward to my two Denk EP's arriving in the post.
  14. I graduated in 2005 and am still paying off my loan, although I make the minimum required payments. I should clear it fully by the end of next year by my calculations. My loan was, by current standards, small at around £16,000. I dread to think how long I would be paying a loan off if I was studying now.
  15. Thanks, I was just curious as I am a chartered civil engineer.
  16. Well, I selected a set of BCOs at 6,10 and 18mm which reviews tell me are about as good as it gets for the money. I have also managed to find 14 and 21mm used Denks which, again from reviews, should be great, and give slightly wider views.
  17. I have recently had to decide on my top three as I have a new dob which is too fast for most of my current EPs. For me, the first thing was usability with a fast scope as there is not point otherwise. After that, it was quality and then price. I chose to forego field of view in order to maintain decent quality and reasonable price.
  18. Just out of curiosity, which branch of engineering are you studying?
  19. Finally got it built last night - only just remembered to get a pic as I was leaving the house this morning, so it has my daughter in it (ready for her first day back). Hoping to get first light soon, but the forecast for tonight is not good. Was also slightly disappointed to see the scope comes with the same budget 'Super 10' and Super 25' eyepieces which came with my old Explorer 130. I am trying (unsuccessfully) to resist the temptation to buy new eyepieces just yet. I cannot stretch to Televue's, but have my eye on a couple of Denkmeiers at the moment. Edited to actually include the picture!
  20. You may be better off finding a tracking mount which will take your existing 150 tube - would depend on your budget though.
  21. Thanks, I like the idea of stellarium (I have that already). I had forgotten it has the 'live' view option. Laser pointers are something I did think about, but I am a little uneasy about given I live underneath the a flight corridor from the Atlantic into London.
  22. Not sure where to post this, so opted for the Astro Lounge - mods please feel free to move it if it fits better elsewhere. At the weekend we all went out in my wife's car, parked at a local dark sky spot, put the roof down and looked at the Milky Way. I am getting to know my way around the sky a little, but my wife, son and daughter are complete novices. I was trying to point out major constellations/asterisms to them but it was difficult in the dark. Does anyone on here have a clever way of helping them find a particular star to start from? They can all find the plough, and from that Polaris, but from that point they got stuck. I tried to get them to see the summer triangle - to me it was shouting at us - but they couldn't seem to pick it out. As everyone really enjoyed the trip out I am hoping to make it a regular thing, but need to go next time with some idea of what to show them and how to show it. Any pointers (pun intended) welcome. Thanks
  23. Unfortunately I will have to wait until tonight to put it all together, but I will take another picture
  24. 250PX - the one FLO had on offer last week
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