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  1. Do you not need one of the Celestron scopes to go with it?
  2. Rob You should be able to connect directly to the focuser using an adapter - is the D750 a Canon model? When I bought my 130P it came with a Canon fit adapter which I have no use for - I would be happy to post it to you (provided I can still find it).
  3. cv01jw


    I am seeing the show in Bournemouth on Wednesday - can't wait
  4. If you already have a dob, could you look at re-using your existing scope on a goto mount?
  5. My new EP's come in their own Eyepiece Vaults!
  6. Get your wallet ready then! ETA. With either mount you will also need a power supply as well - best to factor the cost it beforehand.
  7. I have a Star Discovery and think it is a great mount, although it doesn't have wifi and uses a handset instead. Be aware that to mount your reflector onto either of those you will need to fit a dovetail bar to the scope. (or you can do what I did when I found this out, and buy a new scope too)
  8. Finally got around to opening up the package containing my Denkmeier EP's. Really was not expecting the EP cases to be quite so cool - nice solid metal cases which screw together (apparently called Vaults). The EP also screws into the base of the case to hold it securely in place. The EP's themselves are lovely too, a real step up from the BCO's I have in terms of feel, but I guess that should be expected given the price difference. The view through the scope was OK and I was a tad disappointed when looking at M13, so much so I went and got my 10mm BCO to compare. The view through the
  9. Forecast for me was good, got the scope out to cool under clear skies. Went outside at about half nine and clouds had rolled in. Packed up and went back inside - checked outside when heading to bed a half hour later and it was clear again!
  10. Sat at home waiting for me are a pair of Denkmeier EP's (14 and 21mm) shipped over from the US :) Excitement is only tempered by the HMRC charges - I think they have worked it out incorrectly and so I have the faff of submitting a claim to have some of the money back.
  11. Hi, nice to see you are enjoying the scope :)
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