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  1. Hello! Yes, this is correct, to be honest I don't use it as I am struggling getting PHD2 to work well with it. That is probably down to my lack of knowledge with guiding. I live in a very light polluted area so tend to image at 90 seconds maximum, so don't need to use the guide system. When it is connected, I connect from the guide camera to power box on the EQ5, where it says 'Autoguider'. I'll PM you some images later. Kev
  2. Thanks, you have helped me there as I didn't understand the length required, I'd read that an ADU 0f around 20000 was all that is required - my flats are around 1/2 a second.
  3. Wow! Hadn’t realised you needed to do that. Will revisit the instructions. Thanks, Tuomo!
  4. Thanks for the very informative and interesting replies, lots to go at here. @Dr_Ju_ju, I must be a grass snake as I emit powerful odours most of the time Kev
  5. Thanks for the reply and advice, I did wonder if I needed something to diffuse the light
  6. I used to live stream quite a bit in an old job and had this Iographer iPad holder as part of my kit. I'd read that flats can be tricky to shoot and wonder if you think that the following set up would give good results - as I'd never managed to shoot flats previously. Basically, I've created a white image in Photoshop and then used it as an image on my iPad to take flats with, slotted the iPad into the iOgrapher and placed it as shown. What are the pitfalls, how could I make this better? I have used Astrophotography Tools CCD Flats Aid to take some images. Thanks for any advice.
  7. Hello All. I've been imaging/getting my head round Astrophotography now for over a year, the advice I received on this forum has helped immeasurably - even if it was advice I didn't really like to hear! I understand that this image isn't APOD standard, but to me it is a real leap forward in terms of quality and learning for myself. Please, would someone with more knowledge (not hard! :)) look at the images and CC them. FITS attached also. My equipment and data for this image William Optics Zenithstar 71 Skywatcher EQ5 mount ZWO ASI 178 MC uncooled Images 100 x 60 second subs - unguided 30 flats 30 bias 30 dark shot in Astrophotography tool and processed in Astropixel processor/Photoshop Thanks for any advice or CC St-avg-6100.0s-NR-x_1.0_LZ3-NS-full-qua-add-sc_BWMV_nor-AA-RL-noMBB.fits
  8. Thanks for this, I am leaning more and more towards 12V, I understand what others say about RCD and armoured cable but I am still nervous about it.
  9. Ok, that's another thing i'm trying to get away from, I've got RCD protected supplies but still nervous about 240V outside!
  10. Thanks for this, do you have 12v lines outside also, to power camera, mount etc?
  11. Hi, Julian. This is my first attempt at a pier/mount and I would love to be able to control all from a single computer inside the house, is this possible or is it better to have two computers? How do you control the slave computer from the house, which software? Sorry for all the questions! Kev
  12. Thanks for the reply, Ray. Am I correct in thinking that the Cat 5/6 cable comes out of your ethernet connection on your PC/Laptop and converts at the box to USB? How does the imaging/control software see this and recognise the USB connections through the ethernet connection? Fascinating stuff! Kev
  13. Folks, Apologies if this is in the incorrect place. I'm about to start building a pier, it will be some 15 metres away from the house. Considering this distance, what will I need to run the various cables from the house to the mount? I have read that after 5 metres, the USB cables need a relay/boost, is this the same for guide cables etc? Thank you for your help. Kev
  14. Folks. I currently have an EQ5 and am looking to build a pier to make setup quicker and achieve better images. My question, does the EQ6R attach the same way to a tripod, i.e. with a bolt through the tripod into the mount? I'd rather build a pier that is made for the EQ5 but would hope I could plonk an EQ6R on the same bit of kit. TIA Kev
  15. Hello All. Please could I ask for some advice and information? I'm imaging in Bortle 8 skies with a Zenithstar 71 and ASI 178 MC OSC which is uncooled. I'm saving for a cooled camera, but that won't be for a while. My question. What sort of exposure times should I be looking at with this camera/scope? My mount is a tuned EQ5 which is taking images of two-minutes without guiding, polar alignment is via a Pole master. I've been reading various reports/pieces that state shorter images and lots of exposures is the way to go with this, would someone advise if this is correct? Thank you for any help. Kev
  16. Hi All. More advice, please. Where do filters sit in the light train? I'm looking to add an IDAS to suppress light pollution, I have a William Optic ZenithStar 71 with a 2" Extender to my ZWO178MC, Is it as simple as placing between the CCD and extension tube? Thanks in advance. Kev
  17. Thanks for the replies, really appreciated, Wim, that was a great description for a newcomer to understand, thank you.
  18. Hello all. Please would someone be kind enough to explain the IR Cut filter/protector on the above camera in simple terms? Would it reduce nebulosity or allow it to pass? Thanks for any help. Kev
  19. Thanks, John.. All the above makes perfect sense and I think I will give it a try if and when we get a clear night this week
  20. All.. Thanks for the advice and input, it is appreciated. I guess I'd bitten off more than I can chew, but if you don't try, you never learn! @almcl Thank you for your help and looking at the FITS file. I've thought about the light pollution filter and other bits and maybe it is time to say enough is enough and start to save for a mount and scope that I can obtain decent (to me) images. Put the money towards that. @happy-kat You kindly pointed me towards the no EQ topic, I learned a lot there. I have a slowish (F4) 200mm lens that I will give a go when we get a clear night, it will be interesting to see how that performs. Cheers to all. Kev
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