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  1. Yea thatll do it! People have had success in cleaning them with certain products and lunt offers replacements for them as well if you dont happen to clean it up
  2. Sounds like you are using a tilt tuned telescope? Its true that the sun doesnt have a ton of crazy phenomena happening at the moment- but you should be able to at least see good surface detail and proms on most days! If it is a tilt tuned, make sure you are not just spinning the wheel in its free zone where the internal etalon is not actually being adjusted- i have done this myself and thought i was tuning the telescope but as it turns out i hadnt gone far enough on the wheel to actually engage any tilt and hadnt been tuning at all! This may not be the case for you but thought i would mention it. You should feel some resistance in one direction once you actually start tuning.
  3. I have heard the same thing about similar products for cleaning those pieces of bluish green glass, but i have not tried myself
  4. Ah i understand, sounds like the rings dry out fairly regularly? Must get some fair amount of use! Meade does own the coronado brand i believe but they do not own or make Lunt telescopes
  5. What was the issue that your club had with the PT? My friend also has a 60THa but has only ever had to reapply grease when replacing the orings in the pressure tuner assembly. (Also, the grease they use is specific brand of vacuum grease (dow corning) - i dont believe you have to get it from Meade though?)
  6. https://www.cloudynights.com/topic/615362-help-whats-wrong-with-my-lunt-bf/?p=8531459 check out the link above, it is neither ITF or ERF
  7. Please feel free to message me at any time, I am always impressed by the Astronomy community in total with how open and helpful everyone is with one another. And for me, Its one of the perks of living in Arizona- it seems to have a nice mix of people in many different avenues doing awesome things. Solar Viewing absolutely included and I happen to live in Tucson, where the scopes are being manufactured.
  8. I suppose that is understandable-Well, if the mood strikes, let us know where you stand! I have quite a few close neighbors and general friends who have Lunt 60's (pressure and tilt tuned versions!), as well as a few 50's and 80' s. Also a few members of a local solar club i know quite well in turn know a few employees of Lunt Solar Systems personally so we may be able to get you pointed in the right direction and viewing!
  9. Hopefully you have had some luck since you last posted! Any news with the scope using some of the tips of the previous posters?
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