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  1. It's taken with FMZ-1000 with its 400mm f/4.0 lens and 1-inch sensor Will take some flats for sure! Thanks!
  2. Ok! I now had played with StarTools for couple of days using fts file from DSS. I have to say it's a lot harder than I first thought. My decade long experience with Photoshop doesn't seem to help at all. The language and the processes are so different that it's really comes down to trial and error. With PS, I have the final image in my head and know which tools / filters and what settings to use in order to achieve that. With StarTools, it's just down right impossible. The bottom line is, I am going to keep trying with it but I am not ready to pull the plug and buy it. Attached fts is the majestic LMC (close to 100 lights with dark). For those in Northern Hemisphere and looking for a stretching challenge, feel free to give it a crack! Thanks! LMC Autosave.fts
  3. This is really good! Care to share your settings for PI and CS? Thanks!
  4. Wanting to piggyback my camera on a SCT telescope and am looking at this https://www.amazon.com/Camera-dovetail-telescope-finder-brackets/dp/B01KKI2DEM Is there any other cheaper alternative out there? I think the measurement is 29mm width 39mm length and 12mm height Thanks!
  5. Wow again! I can't believe how much data is available in the file! I take it that those are either actions or plug-ins for PS?
  6. Wow, so it can be done! What program did you use @happy-kat? And did you have to do the colouring manually?
  7. Wow. That's pretty impressive! How much work for this? Or has it got a autopilot mode like PS actions? Thanks!
  8. Had about 100 lights I am struggling big time with the colour information. It seems to me that DSS just dumps the colour info. But I was told that's normal and I can get them back with other post processing software.
  9. Been playing around with DSS few times. Great software and even better consider it's free! My biggest problem is try post stacking processing. The stack image is completely devoid of colour and DSS doesn't offer a lot in terms of stretching and other enhancement. I think I am ready to pull the trigger on Images Plus or Pixinsight but neither of them is cheap at all! And the last thing I want is to spend all this money and turns out the culprit was my DSS settings. So I am hoping if anyone can take my image of Sagittarius Star Cloud (32bit TIFF autosave file downsampled to 1920 to reduce file size) and run through the stretching with either program and SHOW ME THE MONEY so to speak! Thanks guys! SagStarCloud Autosave.tif
  10. Thanks HTH! I am not expecting to take real good pics but just another scope to explore more and if I can take a few happy snaps, why not? I have a Canon T-adapter ring. What else do I need?
  11. I am thinking about buying an Astro Fi 5 to complement my Astro master 130 Reflector Just wondering what else do I need if I want to do some astrographs (bright DSO and planets) with a Canon 6D? Thanks guys!
  12. Hi everyone! Wonder if anyone knows the amp requirement for Star Discovery Mount 12DC power supply and the size of the input tip? Thanks! FlyDoc
  13. In an effort to improve tracking accuracy I am going to get a 12V adaptor. Does anyone know how much does Star Discovery mount draw? Also looking at a DSLR red dot finder, does anyone have any recommendations? This looks promising but not sure where to get it https://www.astroshop.eu/red-dot-finder-scopes-led-telrads/astoptics-red-dot-finder-for-dslr-hotshoe/p,48281 Thanks!
  14. Indeed I think they need to make that clear from the advertising What's more frustrating is that I don't know where to buy this hand controller!
  15. Stupid question : once I cut it, can I still do visual work with it? I have a Canon 70-200mm f/2.8L and this Astromaster (650mm) Would you recommend getting something like this to complement the gear (my limitation is obviously the mount load limit of 5kg(!) https://www.bintel.com.au/product/bintel-gso-rc6-f9-astrograph-metal-tube/ Thanks
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