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  1. Two different scopes out last night 12" Dob: Mars bright. Surface details and polar cap coming in and out of view due to seeing 6" Mak: Mars bright. Surface details and polar cap clearly seen for long periods of time. Fantastic view. Magnification was x225 max. First time I'd seen the polar cap. It had a dark edge which brought it out even more Usually, the Dob sees more detail. This evening for some reason, it was the other way round!
  2. Thats great to hear. Far cry from yesterday here. It's proper murky
  3. I'm sure I recall Steve from FLO saying in a thread that FLO's latest 180 Maks have the 2" Dielectric Diagonal and adapter. Can't find it but I didn't dream it
  4. Is the focuser smooth? The ED120 DS Pro's was soooooo "Lumpy"
  5. ... The light pollution has definately got worse IMO Struggling to see Ursa Minor from my garden
  6. crbazza Nonsense! You NEED a 12" Dob. Oh wait! I have one for sale! ... And I'm in Bradford!
  7. oooooohh niiiiiiiice!!!!! Any wobbles on the AZ4 Mick?
  8. Why does that happen every time!
  9. Just out of interest... The new ones on FLO come with a 2" dielectric diagonal. Whats the widest eyepiece you can go with this scope? I thought they only had a 28mm opening at the back of the tube and that it may vignette with certain eyepieces?
  10. Very nice Mik Hope you get a chance to use it and give us a review soon
  11. OK.. Its gotta be a Mak. Is it the 180 big boy?
  12. Last night was the final straw for me. With the light pollution in my area I saw very little DSO's/galaxies with my 12" Dob. Its now up for sale on Astrobuysell and will be a great buy for someone with darker skies. Gonna buy a 7" Mak and just look at the planets. I'm happy with that and its generally unaffected by LP
  13. Mars looked great here last night through the Mak. Plenty of surface detail and sharp polar cap. The Dob in comparison was brighter, but more affected by seeing. The Mak won on the night.
  14. Glad you are liking it. I've put a Wanted Ad on Astrobuysell for one myself. I've decided that I want a scope soley for Planets now. I have the 150 Mak but want bigger if I can.
  15. Thanks John. I've put an ad out on astrobuysell for some 2" steel legs but nothing so far
  16. So what was the verdict on an ED100 on an AZ4 with steel legs? My 120ED was a bit jittery at high mags with this mount. Would the ED100 fare better? Anyone have this set up?
  17. Lovely end to the evening, here in West Yorkshire. Got a feeling it could be a good night for viewing. 12" Dob cooling as we speak, as is the 150 Mak. Hopefully get more detail out of Mars tonight with a bit of luck. Clear Skies Everyone!
  18. Thats a great useful chair Mike. I love my ironing chair. Bought a nice Brabantia one and it's so sturdy and comfortable
  19. Nice one mate Cant beat those ultra wide eyepieces. I luv 'em
  20. Sorry mate, I'm a bit confused by that. What pod are you referring to? Are you relating this to the ED120? Have you stopped the 120ED wobble?
  21. What time is she rising now roughly?
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