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  1. Yep, standard Skywatcher fits fine
  2. astrobuysell uk I'd say is the most popular place at the moment. I was going to mention the now removed buy/sell section of this forum but don't want to start a debate going.
  3. Yes it will fit the AZ4. I have both. Stability is pretty good for the ED120 Equinox although I've not had it over x150 yet I got mine on eBay. Type in pier extensions in the search and you'll find one made by astrotech. I paid £65 for my 300mm (12") extension. Recommended.
  4. Hey, maybe one day mate .... or night! I'm not far from you. I live in the Bradford area
  5. Nice one Damo Sounded like a fantastic nights viewing. The nights have truly been beautiful lately. The triangle of Venus Jupiter and the new moon was amazing! You must have had a truly dark sky to see all these?
  6. I was up till around midnight. Still a bit low in the sky but looked great. Banding came in and out of view but no Cassini division. Should have waited for it to rise a bit higher but I had work in the morning
  7. Wow. Sounds like you had a great night!
  8. That's an excellent review Steve. Great reading
  9. My apologies spaceboy. Got my figures wrong £275 from FLO First Light Optics - Skywatcher SkyTee-2 Alt-azimuth mount
  10. Just going back to the Skytee2... I'm thinking about one BUT : 1. Expensive for just the mount ( £240) 2. Needs new ADM saddles straight away (£60 each per saddle) 3 Still need Counterweights!
  11. Ant... The extension tube definately will fit the AZ4. I have one (300mm) Took some images of the whole set up today in fact. PM your email address if you want a piccie or two Check out Astrotec on ebay. Graham will make one for you for £60 delivered. That's £40 less than the widescreen centre one. The quality is excellent. They are a MUST for the AZ4 when using a refractor in my opinion. Any problems in finding it, then PM me. Same for you, Mick
  12. I tell you what.. Do you not think that an AZ5 (if and when it comes out, and also if its called that) with these specs would kick the butt of any other mount for visual work? Beefier Mount for Higher Scope Payload 2" Stainless Steel Legs (with LONGER extensions for refractors) 2 Securing Screws (I sometimes worry about having just the one with the AZ4) I love the AZ4. Roll on the AZ5! Counterweights are history for me
  13. Haven't you sold that it yet Ant? Surprised. Its a good price for an excellent scope Saw it on ABS today and would have possibly taken it had I not bought the 120ED yesterday.
  14. Just had a round trip of 160 miles through the fog and sunshine to pick it up from Newark today What a fabulous scope! Trevor, if you are reading this... Many thanks again!
  15. ...I just had to buy that ED120 Equinox on ABS yesterday!!!! :D
  16. Well what can I say Mick... I'm so envious That lovely Black Finish The sliding Dewshield... Niiiiiice! The smoooooooooth rotating focuser Those Crisp Contrasty Colour Free images Oh my....
  17. Cheers Mate. Hopefully a better night for testing the scope again for you tonight A lovely evening here again in west yorks
  18. I cant speak for Mik, but for me the AZ4 is a fantastic mount for visual means. Its principle is simplicity. It's a nudge mount...just like a Dob, and it works well. Lightweight, get up and go properties with no counterweights to worry about. I really do hope they make a stronger AZ5 version on 2" steel legs sooner rather than later. As it is, I think the 100 Equinox is probably the true max for this mount. I had a 120ED on it and found it took a little while to settle at high mags after focusing or nudging. I've read a review on FLO by someone who uses a 180 MAK (which I'm after) on one of these mounts and claims its steady. It may well be because it's squat, but it does weight 7.8kg compared to the ED120's 5.2 kg. Saying that, my MAK150 weights 6kg and has no problems at all on this mount
  19. Very nice indeed. Looks like detail on Venus?
  20. I too was looking for the galaxies near Mars last night with a 12" Dob Nothing. I had to keep coming in and checking Stellarium to make sure I was looking in the right place. That was the final straw in making me put my "lightbucket" on the astro ads today Gonna get a large Mak and view the planets instead
  21. Just how I saw it thru the Mak yesterday night Great Image!
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