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  1. Very nice Steve. Venus has been very kind to us this year, and made for some fantastic images just like yours Tony
  2. Wow... Great image. Be proud!
  3. Listen to Dobby's advice.. " the best dob is the one that gets used the most... " Two inch difference between the 10 and 12 doesn't sound like much, but I can tell you that one can be carried quite easily, whereas the other needed a small dolly to transport it without risk of damaging your back. I'll let you guess which
  4. To be honest, I never used the control arm. The mount was silky smooth enough to just push/pull. You're right Robin. Perfect mount for a Mak... though 6" max IMO
  5. Heres an interesting one. I have a 6" mak which, using jupiter as an example, gave a brighter image through the eyepiece than a 5" mak I had. Fine. Both had roughly the same focal lengh (1500/1800) so the 6" was expected to be a little brighter given the extra inch. I've just bought a new 7" mak. I've not used it yet as there is an issue with my new mount. The focal length of the scope is 2700mm. Should I get a brighter image given the extra inch over the 6" or will the extra long focal length of the 7" mak mean the light has to travel further to the eyepiece, and remove any advantage of a bigger aperture?
  6. The 127 is a great scope Paul. You'll love it!
  7. Probably made in the same factory as many others Richard, then rebadged You cant go wrong with the current crop of dielectric diagonals, whichever you choose. The quality is normally excellent. Most come with compression screws too to protect the eyepiece. I read a review of someone comparing a similar diagonal against a Televue 2" dielectric. Although the quality in the build of the Televue was unmistakeable, it was impossible to tell which was which when looking through the scope. Says it all really. Just buy from any reputable astro dealer and you'll be fine.
  8. I've used them both together and its steady as a rock
  9. I love the AZ4 It's the 3 legged version of a Dob to me...Just push/pull to your target Simples Tried it with a 3" apo and 6" Mak and that's about the limit I would go. The ED120 was ok on it but did jitter at higher mags. I've just bought a 180 Mak so I've now got a Skytee2 which is sturdier but a little heavier. I love the Skytee2 but the simplicity of the AZ4 is unbeatable. Great mount
  10. Also, I wouldn't mess about too much. Last thing you want to do is invalidate your warranty
  11. It may be a lens defect. I'd contact your retailer for advice if its still under warranty
  12. If that was the one with the distinct steeple shaped shadow, then I was looking at that too! I'm gonna try and get to see more of the moon in detail. Any tips for comfortable viewing? I was almost blinded for a short time last night. Do I need a good moon filter? The cheap ones I've tried seem to take some of the definition away
  13. Just got in. Nice night but terrible seeing tonight in West Yorkshire. Moon boiling. Mars mushy. Not Good
  14. Dear me. Are you really serious? The guy was just helping her out for goodness sake! No buying, no selling... JUST HELPING. Is that too much for this forum? Sounds like the only person that doesn't care is you Ant!
  15. Totally agree guys. My apologies, I thought you were referring to the item being IN warranty and going back to the manufacturer rather than the retailer My specsavers appointment is due lol
  16. Not knocking you but it's what the public expect from a retailer when things go wrong in warranty. However... Not all retailers are as generous with their returns Amazon DO request that you send your faulty equipment direct to the manufacturer after 30 days if its faulty. After the warranty period, you cant expect the retailer to accept the return. It should then go to the manufacturer direct.
  17. So say you bought a microwave from ASDA. 6 months later it packs up... You still have your receipt. What do you do? Thought so.
  18. I didnt get on with my zoom eyepiece. 40degree FOV @24mm is odd for a start when you've been used to 60 degree eyepieces. I found it strange to see the FOV get wider, as the image got closer but darker, all in one step. Just my opinion of course. A lot of people like them.
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