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  1. What an AMAZING image Jon. Give yourself a very well deserved pat on the back for that. Superb
  2. As John says..Get a nice used BST Explorer when one pops up for sale. You'll get a MUCH better viewing experience, in my opinion.
  3. Where can you buy a setting circle for a GSO 10" dob base?
  4. Yikes.. 1mm? My eye would stick to the eyepiece in the winter
  5. I've also used an AZ4 with an ED120. OK for lower mags but dances too much as you increase the magnification. Perfect excuse to get the skytee2 Although a 4"/F9 scope (100ED?) may be lighter, its the length of the scope which I think causes the jitters. Its practically the same length as the ED120. My ED80 was perfect with it, but it was a third less its size in length. Mik has just bought an Equinox 100 refractor recently. He uses an AZ4. May be worth asking him?
  6. I think the trend is for the flex tubes now... Seems to be the in thing at the moment. I dont like them to be honest, preferring a solid tube. I dont think they save THAT much space, or are that much lighter? Anyway, shrouds are for undertakers At the moment I have an oldish Revelation 10" Dob with spring tensioners, which I hate. I can never get the balance right with heavy eyepieces/dewshield etc and I dont want to bother with counterweights. Today I have just ordered the 10" GSO solid tube deluxe from Teleskop Service in Germany. They have the updated adjustable knob tensioners (which are brill!) and a better twin speed Crayford focuser. I could have gone larger, but I'm sticking with a 10" again because I've had a 12" Dob before, and I found it just a little too big and heavy for me to enjoy my hobby. The 10" is perfect for my needs and will also fit across the back seat of my car if I wish to venture to a dark spot. I'll flock the new tube (again) when it arrives and swap the Bobs Knobs and Upgraded Collimating Springs from the old tube to the new. The old tube will then be listed on ebay. That should see me ok for a few years... he says!
  7. RDF every time for me. Set it once and just point to your target. Simple Boy, those Telrads are just so pig ugly!
  8. Anyone any idea where I can get one of those bolts that I can tighten easily by hand for my Dob base? I can picture what they are like but I dont have a clue what you call them! Cheers Tony
  9. The 7.5mm will roughly give you x200 magnification if I remember correctly Should be ok on nights of good to very good seeing, although a 9mm may be a better bet for uk skies with this scope (x170 )
  10. TMB 7.5mm Planetary? Dunno if I'm allowed to leave a link.. Mods please remove if not allowed 1.25" 7.5mm 58 Degree TMB Planetary II eyepiece | eBay Brand new and within your price range Good reviews and 58 degree FOV means less of a "looking through a straw" like experience Tony
  11. What a good night you had. Just out of interest, what scope did you use and are you blessed with dark skies?
  12. Just shows how brilliant and educational this forum really is I'd have dropped a wobbly if it was me, but now that I know... Credit to FLO too for their response
  13. Hi patruinaz Welcome to SGL
  14. Yeah Earl, ring the supplier and get an exchange. That don't look right to me, somehow. Get that tube flocked eventually too... look at that glare on the sides from the torchlight
  15. Just had a look....Looks like it could be just for the 80mm. Item number: 160762214858 Got confused with the 102 title Sorry.
  16. Hi John Go on eBay and type skywatcher in the search column Im sure I saw a new cap for a 102 scope listed Tony
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