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  1. Sorry Gaz..I was saying :nono: to myself not you. We posted at the same time
  2. No.. :nono: After pratting about with the scope on the mount I've sussed it. You release both RA and DEC keys and manipulate it to face the scope the opposite direction. No need to alter the Diagonal or finderscope afterwards. I think I need to lay down now..
  3. OK Steve, I've got that. Am I correct in saying that normal viewing position is with the Scope on the left and counterweight on the opposite side of the mount? (not like the picture) Say I'm viewing Polaris in the North and want to see something in the South, would I have to do a full DEC swing using the release key to get the scope looking the other way and adjust the finder and diagonal afterwards? Does that make sense? SteelRat..I was kidding, honest 8)
  4. This is the bit that confuses me (being a Dob owner) Say I wanted to quickly see an object opposite to Polaris. Normally I would just pick the whole scope and mount up and point it in the intended direction. This is because the EQ mount doesn't swivel 360 degrees like a Dob. Using the quick release keys on the mount the scope will only move up and down (DEC) and left to right (RA) Where am I going wrong? (Doh!) I'm sure I 've set it up correctly. Scope on the left and counterweight opposite, nicely balanced.
  5. Where do you get these knobs from? They certainly look easier to adjust the primary than the usual way. Do they do them for any make of Dob or reflector?
  6. Polar alignment always confuses me. After aligning the scope with Polaris you should be able to watch a star without it drifting out of view in your eyepiece if you have a motor drive connected...correct? So can you now pick the scope and tripod up and point it to a star in the opposite direction to Polaris and still have the object remain in your view as the earth turns? Sorry for seeming a bit thick. It's just I've always pointed the scope at a steller object and used the slo mo knobs to keep the object in the eyepiece.
  7. So let me get this right..You shine a Polaris non illuminated torch down SR who's not very bright because he's following a car with his broken fog lights on.... OK...Someone tell me how an illuminated Polarscope really works. I always thought you just pointed the scope thru the mount towards it for alignment? How does it being illuminated help?
  8. £650 is a cracking price for this scope. I keep going back and forth to check if it's sold yet. I want to buy it myself just because it's such a bargain and not that I need one right now! Mike's problem with this scope, in my opinion, is that it's just not been reviewed enough, and in the few that I have read, every one has commented on colour on bright objects. Not a lot but, enough to question if it is indeed an APO or a semi APO. Had it had the same hype and positive reviews like its 80ED and 100ED cousins, then this thread would be non existant and Mike would have a lot more money in his pocket. However, it's got to perform to get these good reviews. The design raised a lot of eyebrows from the start about it's colour correction ability.
  9. Merry Christmas to Robin & all other forum members at Stargazers Lounge.Have a good 'un! 8)
  10. Sorry Gaz... Didn't mean to rub it in At the end of the day, we move on to bigger and better things, and the 180 Mak sounds brilliant from the reviews I've read. I'll definately be in the running for a big Mak at some point I'm sure. Large aperture, colour free, sharp with high magnification...What a combo for a great scope! Thanks also for the offer of a diagonal. Very kind of you mate. Done a bit of wheeling and dealing though with that man Steve today 8) He's gonna provide me with what I need very soon.
  11. Hi Gaz! Great to speak to you again. I Absolutely LOVE the scope mate. Steady as a rock she is on the EQ5. I'm still waiting for the 2" Antares Dielectric to arrive (been out of stock since I got the scope) so any any viewings been done with an eyepiece directly in the bottom of the scope (oh, my poor neck) Speaking of which, having never had a frac before, I didn't realise just how low to the ground you can get, even with an imaginary diagonal! Bit different to the Dob with the eyepiece at the top! Luckily, after a few tests I realised I should be ok (just!) sat on my observing seat (fold up stepper from Argos.. £11.99...Bargain!) with the scope pointing towards the Zenith. I've also bought myself a matching RA Erect Finder from Steve at FLO (and a Cheshire collimator for the Dob) to make life a little easier. The star tests I've done have shown perfectly collimated optics. Lovely concentric circles. Obviously, its been difficult without a diagonal so I resorted to a little night time terrestial viewing (calm down everyone, it's not what you think!) I stuck a 5mm Vixen LVW on the end and targeted a white halogen lamp that was miles away on the horizon. Not a smidgin' of CA at all...none. Fantastic optics. I was observing everybodies flashing Christmas decorations in their windows miles away(upside down of course). Sharp. Did I say sharp? I could have spent all night just looking at Bradford, sadly. I was so impressed. I'm gonna get a lot of use out of this scope, rest assured (once that diagonal arrives... I've seen & could have bought a similar dielectric model but this one is worth waiting for, as cosmetically its "reet gorgeous" as they say in Yorkshire!)
  12. Yes, after the disappointment here of missing the Geminids due to cloud and rain it would be nice to see the year out with a nice celestial display, even if it is to a lesser extent. Thanks for the link but how do we convert UT PT AND ET to UK Time? Also unsure about the abbreviations. I know PT = Pacific Time, ET = Eastern Time? UT = ??? :?
  13. Hi again everyone and many thanks for the very warm welcome It's been a great start as I've ordered a couple of accessories I'd been after for ages from FLO and got a discount straight away... Thanks for that Steve.. Will use again mate! Martin, as far as I know the Bradford Astronomical Society still exists (although their website is down at the moment) They use Thackley FC as their observing site and still hold meetings at Eccleshill Library. I'm gonna join in the new year as I only live down the road from them.
  14. Hi Everyone. I've just joined SGL and wanted to briefly introduce myself. My name is Tony and I'm from Bradford, West Yorkshire. I've always had a mad, passionate interest in astronomy from an early age, observing mainly with binoculars. I now have a 10" Dobsonian as my "Light Bucket" and I've recently added a Skywatcher 100ED as my "Get up and Go" scope. My observing is mainly done from the comfort of my back garden but light pollution, and of course the good old British weather, limits what I can see, which isn't much really. I've seen the usual bright planets, M31 and M42 and a few clusters, but I've now decided to get off my backside and start making off to some darker sites and hopefully see a lot more with the equipment I have. There's so much I want to see and I'm determined to do it! I'm looking forward to chatting with you all, learning a few things and making some new friends along the way. Hey, I may even be able to give a little advice of my own! Speak to you soon. Tony
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