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  1. You are right, I have a set of posidrive bits and tested a few to see which one I thought was correct. The first one that felt right in reality was not! Perhaps none of them are... I cant be sure anymore.
  2. Not to downplay my own ineptitude in this situation, which is certainly not to be ignored, but nevertheless I was genuinely surprised at how soft these screws were. Even with gentle turning you can feel that it's not as solid as it should be, and all the while I was using a screw bit from a set where I had actually ruined other bits because the bits themselves were softer than screws I was removing!
  3. It was pretty rounded, I think my initial attempt to loosen was with slightly the wrong sized head and it was not giving way.
  4. OK all you guys are amazing. I was very worried. This worked and I really dont think, in my panicked mind, that I would have thought of doing something so simple. Thanks Stu! Screw is out, I will order knobs. Thanks so much everyone. I was pretty worked up about it.
  5. Thanks very much for the advice! I will try that now. I'm just at that point of being very regretful for how I got here in the first place and a bit panicky to fix it and I know full well how that can lead to the situation just getting worse. Hi Pig, I came across something like that whilst googling now but initially dismissed them because they looked too big? Are they fine for such a small screw? And dont you need to use a drill with them? Am happy to hear more advice if anyone has any.
  6. Hello everyone, I have an Omni XLT 127 SCT and despite the fact this wasn't exactly a cheap scope these screws always seemed extremely soft. I was doing a bit of collimating and accidentally turned one screw a bit too tight, not crazy tight, but certainly a bit tight. As soon as I tried to loosen it, (and I really don't think I tightened the screw tight enough for this to happen) it seemed that the screw head was willing to give way before the screw itself would. I then thought the best thing to do would be carefully remove the screw and see about getting some knobs, as these screws had always worried me. However... this screw would not budge .... It was at this point I panicked a bit and the screw head ended up as bad as you see in the image. Does anyone have any advice? Obviously I want to avoid getting a replacement secondary mirror, but to be honest even if I did I can't seem to where to get one from. Yours, a bit worried, Ed
  7. Hello everyone, thanks in advance as always. So I just recieved a rigel quickfinder, I wanted something like this because I live in an area of reasonably high light pollution and I had found it a nightmare to find anything that wasn't the brightest of objects with the 6x30 finder that came with my scope. Now, I've not tested it on anything astronomical yet as it's been cloudy as hell so I don't know if that makes the difference, but testing it every other way (looking into the distance at night and just in dim rooms) I find it very hard to see two perfect circles as I thought I would. In fact what I see tends to be two very thick, almost scratchy lines, like someone tried to make two circles by drawing (poorly I might add) again and again over the same circle. The odd part is I cant photograph this, through a camera lens I see two perfect, clear circles so for this reason I assume there is not a fault with the device. The attached image is an "artist's" impression of what I see but I think it gets the idea across. I do wear glasses and for a moment putting them on can make a difference but not always. I have also asked other people to look through it and they too see thick scratchy lines. So, is this normal? Am I doing something wrong? Or is this simply the nature of the Rigel? It does seem fairly inaccurate with such thick, blurry lines to look through. Many thanks again, Ed
  8. Many thanks stub mandrel! Thanks you two! I had seen the illuminator and to be honest the price (for an led and a dimmer switch) seems a bit high, I had also thought about making one! I'm sure in the end the made for purpose one might still be better though! The fibre optic version sounds very cool! Will look into that. Ed
  9. Sorry! I meant dead end in terms of removing more pieces to fit in a polar scope (if that's even necessary) I'm aware of the dust cap!
  10. Ok good to know. I had previously unscrewed the part with the three screws and was faced with what looks like a bit of a dead end (see pic) did you keep going then? Thanks for your help.
  11. In the picture attached you'll see the section I described that was of course under the cup ... I know where it should go, the mystery here is why it comes with the option to simply fit in a scope with no housing needed yet they don't sell said housing-less scope. Yeah! Totally what I thought, clearly its ready for a scope to be inserted, but are you saying the only option is to buy the SW PS advertised, remove the setting circle ring and insert just the scope part? I had read it required you to remove the built in ps housing from the eq3-2 just to fit in the one they now sell, is this not true then? It just seems such a waste and a bit confusing on the manufacturers part. Like they had an idea to sell just a scope and never bothered. Interesting, I wouldn't know but could be. Yeah I liked the tubular tripod better as well. Could be a reason, true. Do you have this mount? What's the procedure to insert the scope with the collar that they sell, can you just remove and insert the scope part? Many thanks everyone. Ed x
  12. Hi all, having spent a while trying to find the answer to this I'm fairly certain I know what's coming! However I would love to know if anyone has any thoughts or insights for me. I have the skywatcher eq3-2 mount, the one with tubular tripod legs if that helps. Where the polar scope would go there is clearly a slot to insert one with three adjusting screws. Furthermore the SW website itself states that this mount comes with a built in polar scope holder. However.... Where is this scope? Where can you buy it? Does/ did it even exist? The only one I can find is the one I'm sure you would all find with a quick Google. The one with a setting circle already attached which I'm told requires you to remove the built in polar holder anyway? What's going on? Does anyone have any insights into this? Many thanks as always. Ed
  13. I did find a substantial (at least looking) USB to DV converter immediately after and it does say max output 800mAh, so I guess as you suggested it might have the same problems I have seen people have using 8 x 1.2v NiMH batteries. Thats a shame, I did hope that could be a solution seeing as I already have it. Perhaps the 10x1.2v pack is the direction to go then. Im very interested in the buckbooster you linked but Im not convinced I have the know how to make use of it!
  14. Wow thanks for that. I did some digging myself about power packs, as of yet I've not found an article/ post where someone has done this but the GoTo requires a 12v DC out, I have seen you can buy a cable that transforms the 5v output of a USB into a 12v DC out. Meaning one could attach it to a large smart phone power bank... (I have a 20,000mAh usb charger) ...In theory. I wonder if you have any thoughts on this? Thanks again Davy, I will certainly keep my eye open there.
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