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  1. many thanks guys, good advice here. I did think 1600 would be the best. I l always shoot in raw so looking forward to processing the pics.
  2. If its a moon shot then maybe you have to much black background. I would crop your images using PIPP. I had so many issues with Registax 6 and nearly gave up. After using PIPP and cropping I have never had an issue since. Works a charm every time.
  3. Hi All, After some advice. Taking a trip to the darkest part of the country (and Europe) tomorrow night to hopefully get some shots of the Milky Way. According to the Star Walk 2 android app I should be able to get some good shots through the evening. What I am after is camera settings. I only own a Nikon D3100 and have the 18-55mm. f3.5 is the lowest aperture at 18mm I will get on this lens. I am debating to go for a high ISO. Maybe 1600 or 3200 but no higher with around 20-25 seconds on the shutter. I am a bit concerned about white balance. I know some higher end cameras all
  4. Nice shot. need to get some new equipment
  5. Super clear pics. Wish I could get that close.
  6. Agreed, very good shots there. good job
  7. Thank god for PIPP, this is going to save me so much time. Great bit of software. Would not have known about this if I had not found this forum. cheers for that
  8. many thanks Peter, will check that out
  9. Many thanks John, Great advice here going to check out the software you mentioned. Cheers
  10. I like your pic. It's a good one. I downloaded your file to check the size. 2.5mb. I think I must have an issue then maybe. When I shoot RAW, my raw files come out at about 9.5 mb. So I use Rawtherape to convert them to jpeg. After this the size is about 7.5mb per JPEG. When I try to process those, registax can't handle it. So I crop each image which then reduces the file size to around 160kb per jpeg. Then registax runs through them ok. Just seems that my files sizes are a bit small. Just wandering what you guys do. Do you shoot video and then let registax process
  11. Good idea, I will wait for later phases and should be able to get some good shots. Will post them up when I have done them. Cheers
  12. Good luck mate with your pics. The moon is super bright tonight. I was going to take some more but just to tired. All the best
  13. Yeah, I could see the speckling. I just need to play around and try to get the best. Just need to create a good scheme or find one that someone else has done that does the correct processing. But thanks for comments.
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