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  1. Tested yesterday on the field,working as expected. Surely is more stable than the polar illuminator + adapter,never fell off the bracket even after multiple rotations and adjustments
  2. Since bad weather isn't giving me a break,I decided to do some diy. The star adventurer polar illuminator kept falling from the bracket so I wanted to replace it with something else: Polarscope illuminator prototype #1 (ugly as it can get but a prototype anyway) What's needed: 1 plastic card 1 red led 1 hdd (or similar) led cable 1 Coin Cell Battery (I used a CR2032 rated at 3 volts) 1 Button Coin Cell Battery Holder 1 potentiometer 1 mini on-off switch X-Acto knife wires basic soldering skills heat source - measure the width of the hole in the L-bracket - cut a square hole of the above width in the center of the plastic card - solder the very basic circuit - arrange the circuit on the card as you see fit and mark components positions with a permanet marker,the led obviously must be over the square hole,using short lenght of wires is better - Heat the card a little on one of the short sides and bend it against the L-bracket,be sure to line the square hole on the card with the hole on the bracket - Repeat on the other side,the card must be flat on the base of the bracket,the two holes should be matching - hot glue the circuit over the previously marked positions - cut the excess plastic - fit over the bracket - done Can be slided up and down the bracket. I'm pretty sure someone with a 3d printer could make something more appealing... Pro: - low cost - low profile - dimmable - led is socketed so easily replaceable - snug fit,so it doesn't fall every time Cons: ?? Still need to try it on the field Thanks, Andrea
  3. Grazie! Lot of friendly and exprrt people here,I hope I can contribute somehow! Andrea
  4. thank you for your detailed answer. Andrea
  5. Bored with the bad weather,i put out a test with my star adventurer: using this thing (red led+batteries + potentiometer +switch, pen cap with a aluminium foil glued to it and pierced with a needle): I made a red dot which subsequently was shot with my camera mounted on the Star Adventurer,15 min,very low iso,high f-stop. Got this: Dumb question: I am visualizing the periodic error of the mount? Can I derive something useful on the efficiency of the tracking? Can this red dot be used with PHD and scope+cam to get better data? As usual,comment/feedback welcome Andrea
  6. I was wondering if anyone know the diameter of the etched reticle of the Star Adventurer polar scope I experimented a little in the past years with a diy polar scope for my barn door tracker,using this useful article: http://www.marcellocucchi.altervista.org/cannocchiale_polare.pdf Italian pdf,I or Google can traslate as needed. The polar alignment was as fast as roughly pointing in the pole area,move the "mount" up,down,left,right to center all the stars in the relative circles,done. My reticle was as this one: this is one of the best shot I got, with the barn door tracker and the custom reticle,179 s at 300mm: Significant exif data: Would this be an improvement over the SA standard reticle? I think it should allow faster polar alignment and no need to have apps or software to get the position of Polaris Comments/feedback welcome! Andrea
  7. thank you all,guys,lurking the forum so I don't ask silly/duplicated questions (I already know I will fail!)
  8. Hi! thank you so much,I've seen wonderful pics taken with the SA and a DSRL,so this little mount can surely give some good results.Hope you will sort out your USB issues,best of luck! Thank you for the thread,I'll dig into it as soon as I'm home. Andrea
  9. andrex66


    Welcome from another eternal learner,Ash! Andrea
  10. Nice topic! Most images remind me of my very own efforts,cold,hot,problems,tracking,dew... my first ever DSOs, M81 and M82 from the middle of town,diy barn door tracker,Canon 1100d and a pityful Canon zoom lens at 200mm and my very last effort with the same barn door tracker before dismantling it,Tamron 70-300 at 300mm: i can't describe what I felt when I saw the HH... Happy Imaging, Andrea
  11. Very nice result! May I ask something about your setup? - Are you guiding with 0.5x or 1x sidereal? - I'm trying to balance as best as I can the weight on the SA, a little east or west heavy depending on where I would start imaging,then I lock the RA clutch a little to avoid rotation prior to start imaging. Should be the RA axis completely free to move when the motor is running? I just gently rotate the clutch a bit to prevent rotation,not forcing it. Could the locked clutch damage the motor? Thank you in advance! Andrea
  12. Hi thomasv,glad to hear that,I was beginning to think my unit was defective. I'm going to follow your thread,could you please share any useful hint you should find? Thanks a lot, Andrea
  13. Thank you guys! Weather permitting,I'll try to capture some photons! Andrea
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