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  1. On 1/31/2018 at 21:10, Gina said:

    My bed heaters are silicone rubber with fibreglass reinforcement enclosing Nichrome wire (I presume) also including a thermistor in the middle.  They have a self adhesive layer to attach to the plate of the bed.  They are very flexible and sit right up against the plate.  In the smaller two of my 3D printers the plate is 3mm borosilicate glass and in the Giant it's aluminium 500x500x5mm.  The heater pad is 400mm square and 1200W mains powered.  That'll keep the room warm :D  For a bigger heated print bed you could use multiple silicone heater pads but the price escalates.

    I too am surprised he gets rigidity though the fishing line cord doesn't stretch.  I use that cord in all my printers now and find it very good.  But the slightest breeze would deflect the cord I would have thought.  Also, wires and filament to the extruder are liable to deflect the extruder sideways.

    Thanks for the info very interesting.

    I bet your electricity company loves you with heated beds that size :happy11:. You certainly are into some interesting stuff.


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  2. Amazing. Probably not the most accurate printer out there but those huge vases don't look too bad.

    I wonder what the electricity bill would be if you had a room sized heated bed ? 

    I guess you would have to get your own made if you wanted a large heated bed (not really meaning room sized but say 1000 x 1000 mm), after all they are really only a circuit board, just need to be very flat, which of course gets much more difficult with size.



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