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  1. Thanks Hallingskies the focusing is very hit or miss with my telescope.
  2. Thanks Hallingskies it's T mounted on a 2 x barlow
  3. So I had another crack at shooting the moon daytime and evening but I seem to be getting a highlighted exposure in the centre of the image, the evening shots are great does anyone else have or had this happen? Thanks Louis
  4. Wow what a great shot Avani, as a beginner doing astronomy but an experienced photographer, I totally understand how difficult to get the results like you are getting especially the focusing part of your write up as I was struggling with the focus on my telescope.
  5. Thanks Stu how cool ? and thanks Gus ?.
  6. Thanks Victor and Richard I think it's more beginners luck/fluke ?
  7. Hi all I was just reading all the other posts about the lunar V and X, and until 5 minutes ago I didn't know know what it was or means, and I was having a crack at shooting the moon as I love the view of a part moon more than a full moon, but I just had to have a quick look at one of the images I took last night and I managed to get both. It's no way as clear or as sharp as some of the images on here but I don't think it's to bad. It was one image taken on a skywatcher 130 with a canon 40d cleaned up in Photoshop
  8. So I used the binoculars last night as it was a clear sky, and I'm well impressed ? I really like the view you get from looking through them, not to impressed with the neck ache afterwards lol
  9. So my binoculars turned up today, thanks FLO great packaging by the way, they certainly look the business and have some weight to them. But as luck would have it, it's cloudy tonight ? grrrr so I will have to spy on the neighbors with em lol Come on clouds go away
  10. Hi Alan, I do have a 3 manfroto tripod's and one is more a heavy duty type. Hopefully they will be here tomorrow.
  11. Yeah thanks Ruud can't wait for them to turn up and I will probably use them side by side with my telescope at first. Just hoping for some clear sky's ?
  12. Hi so I just ordered a pair of these from FLO (my first ever pair of binoculars) as I wanted something a bit more portable than the telescope. The only issue I have now is the wife thinks I've turned into a perv ? but she thinks that about anyone who has binoculars ?
  13. Thanks for the PDF Ruud load's of info and and advice, love the maps
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