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  1. For completeness, in APT Camera tab, hold down Shift and press Connect. This brings up a "Select Camera Type" dialog box were I select CCD:ASCOM Camera. Click OK and the Ascom Camera Chooser comes up where I selected QHYCCD-Cameras_Capture Select Properties and that brings up the that then brought up the dialog box with an option to "Remove Overscan Area". This can also be started by navigating to the DriverConnect32 folder and running Ascom.Driver.Connect.exe Hopefully this will help someone in the future... Michael
  2. Solved. I'll post details later just in case it helps someone down the line...
  3. New to me QHY10 OSC camera and I've downloaded APT v3.84 to use with it. When I connect to the camera with EZCAP te images are fine (trees cos I'm trying to set up for tonight. When I connect APT and take an image it is like the second one below - the first one is from Pixinsight after debayering. I know the camera delivers data ok from EZCAP and I think the issue is something to do with the 'overscan area but I can't find anywhere to change a setting in APT to adjust that. Any help much appreciated! Michael #
  4. Me too! I love reading about Gina's work and would like to try a few ideas of my own. I could probably afford to build a giant printer but couldn't afford the accessories required - like the divorce when my wife saw it! Michael
  5. I wouldn't normally resurrect an old thread but it seems to make sense with this one... Does anyone have any other podcasts to add to the list of recommendations? I’ve just started listening to Sean Carroll’s Mindscape podcasts after watching this lecture on quantum mechanics. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LqQBIMgcVDM Thanks Michael
  6. Thanks Jim This would be very much a boys toy to see what can be done. There are a few things I'd like to print and I'd like to experiment with the CNC for making decorative bits for woodwork. From your comment I'm guessing you have something more substantial than I'm thinking of. All the best Michael
  7. I hope it's ok to hijack this thread for a bit and ask about combined 3d printer / CNC / laser etching machines. I stumbled across an article about the forthcoming SnapMaker 2 and see that there are a few manufacturers doing these. I've also found some articles on how to add the functionality to a standard Creality CR-10. Does anyone have any experience or recommendations? A cast iron justification for needing one would also help as my wife is somewhat sceptical Thanks Michael
  8. Nice! I'm heading there in January, would you mind sharing the settings you used? Thanks Michael
  9. Brian Cox's Infinite Monkey Cage is well worth listening to, it covers all sort of subjects, lots related to astrophysics etc. I got into it a couple of years ago and am now listening to it from the start - 120 episodes. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00snr0w Michael
  10. That would work perfectly for me but I'll need to make some decissions on what I'm doing first - otherwise it could spend a year or so in my garage and then I'd be here offering it for free, just pay delivery costs ?? Michael
  11. Hi David, Do you have an idea what delivery would cost? I'm in Central Scotland. Thanks Michael
  12. Would something like this help? I found it a while ago when I was trying to find a way of getting polar alignment from GPS... https://www.instructables.com/id/Sub-Centimeter-GPS-With-RTKLIB/ I didn't do anything with it - I'd need a few months to understand it all neer mind do it! Michael
  13. Absolute zero is 0 Kelvin. The reason it is - 273.15 centigrade/Celsius is, as you say, that scale is in reference to the freezing and boiling points of water at normal atmospheric pressure. The term absolute zero is used to identify the temperature where there is zero thermal energy - it isn't possible for a substance to be cooled below that poing because there is no more energy to remove. I believe that Lord Kelvin decided to use the same divisions per degree as for celcious to make translation from one scale to another simple. Michael
  14. Hi Dave Sorry, I hadn't even noticed the dates, apologies to all for my unintended insensitivity. Michael
  15. Hi There doesn't seem to be a file attached? Michael
  16. I'm currently watching an episode of Horizon first broadcast 23/10/2016 and about 35 minutes in they are with someone taking images of an exoplanet. The episode is about weather on other planets. Titles "The wildest weather in the Universe" Michael
  17. If its a Windows pc sort the view in file manager by file type. You can then select all of the jpg files and move them elsewhere or delete them.
  18. Thank you so much for doing this. I've had several goes at getting this set up and have a 100% fail rate ? I'll give this a try as soon as possible. Michael
  19. I'm not really sure which area this should be in since it's really hardware but... I was copying files from one of my USB external disks when I started to wonder if there is a network version of these available. I had a NAS (Network Attached Storage) box a few years ago but didn't replace it when it died. It s something like that that's what I'm talking about, except it should be smaller and not cost £200 or more without disks! Has anyone seen such a thing? Thanks Michael
  20. I think home is when the weights are pointing to the ground and the scope is pointing upwards. The Synscan system will assume that is the starting point and calculate movements from there. Michael
  21. As someone who is a decade or two away from being able to do this, I like them both, but see why you chose to lighted up the colours a bit. The top right 'quadrant' loses out a little in the pastel image as the detail is finer but the remainder of the image looks slightly better balanced. That said, post either anywhere astrophotographers gather and you'll get nothing but praise ? All the best Michael
  22. What a fantastic thread! Seeing the phrase "Having succeeded, I can confirm..." makes all the difference when looking for information ? Did both Tea viewer an Windows remote work for 4k end to end? I am amazed at some of the claims made about Wi-Fi and its uses. If I believed them all I'd have 16 or so data hungry bits of kit sharing the bandwidth - does anyone remember how slowwww 14k4 modem was ? WiFi is for when you can't connect with wires - Powerline adapters are even worse! Michael
  23. From your screenshot Access isn't using much RAM at all. That means lots of delays while it reads from and writes to disk. It might be worth searching to see if there's a way to allocate it more memory. What version of Access is it? 64bit should be faster if you can use it. Michael
  24. I've only been doing this for a few months, having bought an Esprit 80 and an EQ5 mount before I really had enough experience to know different. I hadn't intended to start guiding but spotted a good deal and couldn't resist. I'd suggest thinking ahead and making your next purchases with a view to the long term. Do you plan to get a bigger, heavier scope? Maybe want to mount two scopes... stuff like that means a bigger more capable mount The star adventurer is quite portable, is that important to you? If so then an bigger, heavier mount will be limiting as it's harder to move around. I'm in a Bortle 8 area but 20 minutes away is Bortle 4, so I'm aiming to travel there as much as possible. Because of that I've decided to keep my EQ5 and have stripped and tuned the mechanics so that it now can give me 5 minutes guided - maybe more. I'd suggest that guiding is a sensible next step as it should help you to keep more of your images and you will be learning skills that are relevant whatever mount/scope you end up with. I'm wondering about where you say you are fine tuning the PA every 15 minutes or so. I'm fairly sure that with the setup you have there should be no need to tweak it once set for the night. Have you checked that there isn't any small movement eslewhere in your setup? The tripod shifting a little as the weight distribution moves or as it settles into soft ground, things like that could give a bit of trailing too. Hope this helps - or at least doesn't hinder ? Michael
  25. Does the motor continue to run and drive it too far? If so it could be a sticky key on the controller. I've not seen one stripped down but some devices like this have contacts on a circuit board with sprung or elastic pads that are pushed onto them. These can get sticky with age. Michael
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