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  1. Specifying a computer for someone is really difficult - for many reasons. The biggest impact on performance will be RAM. With Windows 10 8GB is quite limiting for normal stuff. Nobody notices if an email takes 2 or 3 times as long to send on one machine compared to another but if a 90 second process takes 4 minutes that's different! If you have enough RAM then a SSD (solid state drive) is less important as the computer isn't swapping blocks of data to and from the disk. Data can build up quickly, especially when your new to processing images and don't want to delete anything just in case! I'd go for something with 16GB RAM minimum and the ability to upgrade it if needed. 2TB hard disk is a good compromise between size and cost. Also, don't forget to check how many USB ports it has - I'd say 3 is a minimum. HTH Michael
  2. Before I go to bed I'd say probably not because, as you say the movement you see is from the earths rotation. To check the difference between a planets movement and a stars, I used Stellarium. I selected Mars and told Stellarium to keep the selected object in the centre of the screen. Fast forward the time and days whizz by with not a lot of movement between Mars and nearby stars. A fun way to spend two minutes! You could use your idea to calculate how fast the earth rotates - my guess is once per day Michael
  3. Taking flats at the end of my best night yet - as in everything worked !! Look carefully and you might spot Orion in the background Michael
  4. I've just passed 2 hours worth of 5 minute guided subs on Andromeda! And I know how I did it!!! I'd almost got to this a couple of weeks ago with my EQ5 but bought a nice used NEQ6 last week so had a lot of extra learning and fiddling to do. I've spent so many nights trying things, making progress, having setbacks and sometimes getting it all going ok but having lost track of what I did! I'm grateful to everyone who has answered my questions and all the other questions I found answers to searching and browsing here - I absolutely couldn't have got this far without all you good people Now. How the ???? do I process this? Michael
  5. I've just started S284 Astronomy with the Open University and this video was included. I found it on Yo!Tube What bit is harder - getting the data or managing and interrogating it? Michael
  6. I bought my Esprit 80 2nd hand and it had already been back to FLO for Es Reid to check after the previous owner saw issues. The attached was Altair taken September last year with my Canon 7d Mk1. Because it had been checked I assumed that this was something to do with saturating the camera but reading this thread has got me wondering. Raw file below if anyone wants a look. 2019_09_20-800-0004.CR2 All the best Michael
  7. Thanks everyone, especially vlaiv for making me feel less of a fool! I guess one of the pitfalls of reading lots but having little experience is sometimes not having good perspective on how significant an issue is, or is not. 40 years in electronic engineering, where indicators close to the right and in the red make me very uncomfortable probably didn't help . All the best Michael
  8. I have a Sky-Watcher Esprit 80 ED with matching field flattener which will sit on my newly acquired, mint condition used NEQ6 pro (thanks Michael). I recently purchased a 2nd hand QHY-10 OSC camera - I have to admit it was a spur of the moment decision without investigating camera /scope matching. The CCD Suitability Calculator at https://astronomy.tools/calculators/ccd_suitability tells me it wasn't a great choice and that I will be significantly under-sampling (see below). As I see it my options are: Do nothing. I'm still learning and can use this setup to improve my knowledge and skills at aquiring images and processing them. At some point the under-sampling will be the limiting factor and I can decide then whether I want to change camera, scope or both. Change the camera for something around the same cost 2nd hand. If I do that does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations? Change the telescope to suit the camera. The tool says it is a good match for the Esprit 120 but a good used one is probably outside my budget zone so I'd be looking for recommendations for a good 120mm refractor under £1000. The smaller field of view would annoy me at times but I'll probably go there eventually. Change both. I like the simplicity of the refractor but I could investigate different scope types. I probably like this option least because I'm just reaching the point I'll be able to set everything up, polar align, get on a target and guide well, enabling me to get good amounts of data for processing. Up to now every night has been more experimentation, fixing problems or just getting everything running sweetly and the clouds drift over to watch me Any thoughts, experience or advice would be most welcome. Michael
  9. I've used 2x 10m active USB cables in series to a passive USB hub which connected to my Canon 7D Mk 1, EQ5 mount and starshoot autoguider camera. Not a setup anyone would advise but I had the bits and it worked perfectly! I'm in the process of upgrading including installing a pier - I won't be using this setup much longer. Michael
  10. I'll take this at £14 if its still available, thanks.


    1. AlentejoSkies


      Hi Michael. Sorry, I have a buyer in already. If anything doesn't work out I will get back to you.


    2. Synchronicity
  11. WiFi is great but people tend to forget it's really for when you can't be plugged in. My house wifi has 4 phones, 3 laptops and a tablet that all use the WiFi. TVs, media server, NAS and security cameras would add even more if I hadn't cabled them all. Add to that the 100 year old solid walls of the house and I'd be fighting for every packet of data even when everyone else is asleep! The pier is only 3m from the house at it's closest point - carefully positioned so I can see Polaris but not the two nice shiny LED streetlights, one either side of my house! I hadn't thought about beefing up the earthing but I guess the I can get a benefit from the wire armour being tied down at both ends. I will be running a signal earth anyway to avoid any issues with induced noise etc. All the best Michael
  12. I'm using a USB extender cable at the moment but the permanent cable route is far to long and I want to avoid wireless if I can. That's exactly what I need. I saw and replied to Shimrod before seeing your post but both devices will do the trick. Thanks Michael
  13. That is exactly what I need - thank you! I'm already using two Pi 4s - OctoPrint and OpenMediaVault but I think I'll get my setup working as is before tackling Astroberry - one step at a time! Thanks Michael
  14. Thanks for posting but I really do mean something that can combine the USB connections to my devices and then transfer the daya down a CAT 6 network cable. I've got hub similar to the one you show and feed the data down a USB extender cable at the moment but I'm doing a permanent installation to a pier and the cable route is way too long for USB. All USB to network adapters I can find seem to be for adding wired network to a computer using a USB port so I don't know if they would work directly to devices. Michael
  15. Thanks folks but I did mean 'wired' ethernet. I have been using a USB extension cable up to now but I'm putting in a pier and running a data cable from it to my home hub so just need something to interface with the devices. WiFi is great but I live in a 100 year old house with solid walls that seriously limit coverage. I hadn't thought of looking for some sort of 'point to point' Bluetooth or WiFi device where I could have the receiver on the wall outside and wired from there so I'll look into that. All the best Michael
  16. Hi I'm working on remote access for my setup and am looking for a USB hub which can connect my cameras, mount etc to the laptop via ethernet. There are quite a few on Amazon etc but most seem designed to plug into your computer to get extra USB plus wired ethernet. An example on Amazon Does anyone use such a device which doesn't need connectedto a computer, or know of one they'd recommend? Thanks Michael
  17. There are quite a few online courses including this from the Open University. https://www.open.edu/openlearn/science-maths-technology/comparing-stars/content-section-0?active-tab=description-tab Michael
  18. There's no way I'm trying to explain bringing welding equipmet (or a welder!! ) home - my wife already tolerates me spending lots of time with "...whatever the hell all that stuff you play with is..." so I'm not rocking the boat . A friend thinks a blacksmith he knows might help so I've drawn up plans for something more traditional (I like playing with Freecad anyway) Thanks especially to tooth_dr, Davey-T and Starflyer for pictures and information. I notice that most piers have a mount adapter plate fitted but I thought I'd achieve the same effect with an extra plate at the top cut out to suit the mount. All being well I get one made for my EQ5 and another sized for an EQ6 head which I plan to upgrade to at some point. Edited to add it has a 'Slenderness Ratio' of 43 from Kevs spreadsheet using 150mm diameter 6mm walled pipe. All the best Michael
  19. That's exactly the sort of thing I'm looking for. I don't know anyone who could do welding, which is why I started on the path of getting plate cut and bent for self assembly. I'll price my idea anyway and ask around to see if anyone I know knows anyone who knows someone Do you have a sketch or plan for that which you'd share? Thanks Michael
  20. I'm looking for a bolt down pier suitable for my EQ5 and a future upgrade to an EQ6. I'm in Glasgow and can collect, will go a fair distance for the right thing. Thanks Michael
  21. Thanks for the input everyone. Concrete is out due to the location. The base effectively replaces a slab at the edge of our patio so the pier must be easily removed if not needed any more. I'm already thinking about how I fix plant baskets onto it for disguise purposes I had thought about a pipe but the designs I found browsing all had it burried in the concrete so again, not easy to remove. My budget is less than the £400 a new manufactured unit will cost but I'm thinking that might be where I end up! I'll pop a 'wanted' ad on and see if anything comes from that Thinking cap back on... Michael
  22. I can't help with your question but your images aren't showing in the post - gives a Gmail 404 temporary error. Michael
  23. Hi all I've been playing at designing a pier for my setup and am looking for some input. I'm thinking about a box section as in the picture, mainly because it there's some local fabricators that do cutting and bending, though I don't know about costs yet. It's 150mm square and 1150 high excluding the top piece. The material choice is presumably aluminium or stainless steel and I'm wondering how each of these fare outside after a few years. This will be in a prominent position in the garden so I don't want i looking grotty after a couple of winters. I've got an EQ5 pro and am likely to upgrade to an EQ6 at this location - any more and it would be an obsy elsewhere so a new design all round. Would 8mm steel or 10mm aluminium be strong enough to avoid flexing? I know that'll be a risk with a bolt together design but hope well tightening and maybe some loctite in the threads will mitigate that. Thanks for any input Michael
  24. I did a runthrough on the setup and took some pictures - see below. It is useful to know that you can just plug the controller and handset together, connect the power supply and do these checks rather than have to build everything. The SynScaninit app is well worth having as it confirms what you type in. https://synscaninit-2.soft112.com/ If you get to the end of the setup and the Polaris position and hour angle agree with the app then your settings are correct. If the mount still doesn't behave it must be an electrical issue with the control box, wiring or motors. If the polaris data doesn't agree then there's an issue with data entry or you have a faulty handset. I've started using APT so don't need my handset at the moment, happy to let you borrow it if that would help? All the best Michael
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