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  1. Some would say there is no such thing as colour, only wavelengths of light which our brains create an illusion of colour in our heads - therefore whichever you prefer is right.
  2. That's great for first attempt. Very nice processing.
  3. I had good views of Uranus and fairly good views of Neptune a few weeks ago with my 250 f4.8 Newtonian. Good the seeing, good collimation and a cooled down scope are important though.
  4. Has Hubble done it as well as that? It feels like I'm floating in space looking at it.
  5. If general relativity says all matter and the structure of space and time breakdown at a singularity, wouldn't this also apply to force carrying particle(s) for gravity and mass, so how could a singularity have mass and gravity?
  6. Is a black hole infinitely small? Surly it is just very small. It is made up of a finite amount of mass with a finite amount of gravity, just too much to allow light to escape! I would think a large black hole could be quite large - relatively speaking? Not sure how large - I'm not going to measure one!
  7. phil125


    Great image, nice detail in the nebular and nice dark background.
  8. It can be rewarding re-visiting past images to re-process as you get more practice. Nice image. Also, it justifies never deleting a files off your hard drive.
  9. Nice detail and colour, and good core detail too.
  10. Only joking. Amazing image. Did you manage to complete, it would be good to see finished image.
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