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  1. I hope to find it useful. Just so you know the 3D file has now been replaced with a more robust version (the photos show the original but the model is the latest one).
  2. Hi all, Thought I'd share the clip I designed to fit a Right Angle Finder to the polar scope on my Star Adventurer mount. I designed it to work on my Neewer RA Finder but it could possibly work with similar ones (that have the removable adaptor plates for various camera types). My finder came with a few different adaptor plates and I chose the metal screw-together type which was labeled for use with the older Nikon F series cameras. As you can see from the photos, this just screws into the printed clip allowing you to leave it in place on the Polar Scope but remove the RA Finder easily. It is best oriented with the clips at the top and bottom (rather than on the side). I've made it available for download from Thingiverse, there's a printable version of the adaptor plate on there too (along with instructions and pics) should you need it. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2762334
  3. Thanks Will. I have the PS Align app on my iPhone which does the same sort of thing. You can sent the reticule to suit the device you're using so it knows whether your view is mirrored/inverted and puts the mark in the right spot.
  4. That was exactly my thinking. The attached pic is what I envisaged if the scope wasn't straight. The vertical object/building idea is interesting. I'll give that a try too. Thanks!
  5. Yeah, I spotted that whilst turning it about last night. it's just a shame that the user manual (and other scales on images of the red version that I've seen) have equal divisions across all the months. I may be over thinking it but I assumed that the reticule would have to be properly square/level to align the pole star correctly.
  6. Thanks for that. I've got the zero at the top but I just wondered how "at the top" it needed to be, accuracy wise.
  7. Sincere apologies if this has been covered previously in the numerous newbie SA questions. I had a search here and on Google using many different ways of asking but can't quite find the answer. I've just received the SA astro imaging bundle and have been familiarising myself with it before the skies clear. Am I right in assuming that by setting the date/time to October 31st at 00:00 is just to align the polar scope reticule squarely? As I understand it, once polar alignment is completed, it will rotate as the L bracket and camera are positioned. I have the PS Align app on my phone and the reticule set in that matches what I can see through the polar scope (clockwise 0, 3, 6, 9) so I think I'm on the right track and know what I'll need to do there. However, the month markings on my SA have a wider division at the end on the October range, as do all the months with 31 days. You can see them in the attached pic. The only images I've been able to find on-line (and the diagrams in the manual) show equal divisions throughout. So, I guess what I'm really asking is, do I align as per the attached photo with the 0 on the last division mark in October? The reticule looks pretty level to me but I didn't know quite how crucial it was. (I'll try not to have such a rambling question next time.) Simon.
  8. Hi All, I'm Simon from Nottingham. Just thought I'd pop by and introduce myself before asking a (possibly stupid) question on the equipment forum. I've been interested in photography for a long while, so I've decided to get back into stargazing after many years and try to combine the two. The wife and I had a trudge out to Hathersage a few weeks ago for some wide angle shots and was pleasantly surprised with the results. I've really caught the Astrophotography bug and bought some kit to expand my abilities. I still have lots to learn, but with forums like this I'm sure I'll improve as I go along. Clear skies!
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