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  1. i'm quite positive the legs are in the correct way, after alot of google images and this mount being used the Flat end is always on the up end... i've just went to check on the legs individually and only two legs are doing this, the good one contacts the tripod correctly and stops with no wiggle room, but the other two just slide right out, i also noticed the two legs that are doing this have ugly looking gashes as seen here https://imgur.com/a/7MfqV I have no idea how the damage to the NORTH leg could of been done by me...
  2. Aidan my mate, you appear to be onto something, apon closer inspection in my photos and from memory, there seems to be a heavy fault or ABSENCE of these lugs, i wonder if i got a lemon? (faulty off the line) if so i'm quite dissapointed but also happy that i'm positive you just helped me figure it out, tomorrow when i inspect it much closer as its currently 4 AM i'll report back with closer pictures of them
  3. Ahhh interesting, i see what they are now, had a brainfart, they're quite tight restricting the legs movement more in an attempt for stability but as you said there is a mechanism that stops the legs from opening past a certain point? there was one originally and it worked very very well, even on my slippery house floor but as of the past two days it no longer works on all 3 legs which has allowed the legs to Spread right out.. Ah so interesting yet infuriating
  4. It seems i Did accidentally put that locking knob on upsidedown (The one on the shaft in the middle holding the tray in) although the legs are still attempting to scurry away, i'm sorry if i'm misunderstanding as i'm a little tired, can you circle the "Locking knobs" for me? as you say there are more than 1
  5. Yeah thats what i thought, although from what you're saying it seems that the tripod legs are assembled by the User? Came completely Pre-Assembled by Bintel - here's an IMGUR Album of most angles of the tripod hub https://imgur.com/a/1Hsem
  6. So over a week ago, i recently got my EQ5 + a GCO 6" Ritchey-Chrétien... as of two days ago, the EQ5's legs have decided to do what i call "Spidering" Completely going their seperate ways at a near 50 degree angle sometimes if i attempt to stand it straight, it was not doing this when i got it and i cannot find much about it, even with the assembly that keeps the legs in screwed tight + the bolts on the legs also tight, what on earth is possibly causing this to happen? Bought from a well known Australian Astro Retailer known as "Bintel" - This has become stressful now as all imaging session
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