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  1. Fay


    whats the imaging details/ equipment Blinky? Fay
  2. Fay


    Very nice!!!!!! Fay
  3. I lost my QSi info in Astroart, and had to reinstall, i have spent hours trying to get the internal filter wheel to open, but greyed out and not available for selection on the filter wheel part. most other makes are mentioned but not QSI internal filter. If I press Ascom filter wheel. QSI ccd comes up but the OK key does not respond. please has anyone any clues?? all this started when I connected a modified DSLR to Astroart. all QSI info disappeared, thats why I had to reinstall it from the beginning. always used QSI with Astroart for years and no problems. I fear this is a QSI
  4. Lovely image, great detail Fay
  5. Fantastic result, a lot of hard work, but worth it Fay
  6. Well done Dave and everyone else who produced some great entries Fay
  7. That is very nice Dave. a great location, and nice to see not only the Milky Way but the sunset as well Fay
  8. Nice smooth image Dave. looks a nice place to go for a skyscape. Fay
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