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  1. Both velocity and gravity affect the rate that time passes. If you are either in a strong gavitational field (like near a black hole) or travelling very quickly (near the speed of light) your time will appear to run slower to a stationary observer (or someone in weak gravitational field) watching you. From your persepective your clock will seem to run at a normal speed but the rest of the universe will appear to speed up. So as you travel near the speed of light clocks back on earth would appear to run faster so more time will have passed for people back on earth than for you. On arriving back, you may have only been away for a few days but on earth many years may have passed. It's called time dilation, not really time travel. Some bloke called Einstein worked it all out a while back. In simplified form Dt' = Dt/sqr(1-v2/c2) Dt' is the time interval between two events (click ticks) for the moving person as viewed by an external observer and v is the velocity of the moving person (c=speed of light). Dt is the time interval for the external observer. Dt' gets bigger the closer v is to c, i.e. time runs slower for the moving person. Hope that helps...
  2. I picked up the Phil Dyer version as well last week. I went for the mono version with the full kit. USB video capture device, lens, etc included. So far I'm very impressed with it. Well built, compact and simple to use. The low light sensitivity is realy quite astonishing. Not had a chance to give it a full 'in scope' trial but will report when I do. I also picked up a cheap portable dvd player (maplins) with an AV input on it so I can view the images without the PC. Looks quite cool clamped to my flextube Dob. M....
  3. Appoligies for the snoring from me too Pete. I can't deny it as I occasionally wake myself up. My electronics board worked a treat. Pity my rubbish webcam and poxy laptop let me down. I did get a half decent piccy of the ring nebula though so not a total loss. M....
  4. I'd like to try it with a hand controller as my PC tends to be busy with the HEQ5 most of the time. The main problem I have is calibrating it. The driver I've used (linked too above) is a bit basic and I'm not entirely sure how to set the alignment properly so accuracy is a bit iffy. Probably not reading the instruction properly... I was just chuffed that something I soldered together actually worked, they usually melt. M....
  5. I'd rather keep them together as it's easier to sell the package complete. If I did split it I'd be too tempted to then keep the OTA and 'find' a use for it. M....
  6. My first proper scope was a 130 with the motorized EQ2 mount. In fact I still have it and it's for sale if your interested.
  7. (From my previous post on this thread) That's just what I did with my 300 Auto. I built the interface myself and plugged it into my laptop. Works fine, but you do need the Supatrak ASCOM driver to run it (supatrakascomdriver (rwgastro)). I'll be lugging it to Lucksall for the weekend so anyone can have a look at it if they want to. M....
  8. Prof Cox was on Chris Evans yesterday morning and said he was currently filming a new series for the Beeb doing just what you suggest, a wonders of the cosmos series.
  9. Two months ago that specific section wasn't in there. I kept looking at the site whilst deciding whether to buy one or not. When I looked just before x-mas It appeared. It's possible they have dropped a clanger and re published some older data on the site, these things happen. Or... could they have changed their minds and are planning the upgrade after all?
  10. Also, before I forget, on the skywatchers own website (where you can get tech support etc) TELESCOPE SUPPLIERS - SKY-WATCHER TELESCOPE They appear to be offering the GOTO! Quote "The Autotracking Dobsonian is also available in a computerized version that makes locating astronomical objects fun and easy. Using the renowned SynScan computer controller users can select objects to view from a database of over 40,000 celestial sights. Just select an object, press 'enter' and watch the telescope automatically find and track the object for you." I think skywatcher has spoken....
  11. "Producing a proper GOTO dob would be no problem for SkyWatcher, except that it might end up being too expensive to sell in quantity. Would customers pay perhaps £500.00 extra for a reliable GOTO version?" Which would put it squarely up again the Explorer 300p on the EQ6 mount (£1450). They could do it but there simply isn't the market for them if they did. You want a good goto, buy the Explorer/EQ6, want a cheaper option, buy the Dob (sort of the whole point of dobs really) My 'bodge' is good enough for me, I'm not planning to image with it or anything, as long as it gets me within half a degree of my target I'm happy. Also, I haven't altered the scope at all. The module just plugs into the handset socket and lets the PC send commands to the mount in place of the hand controller. Plug the handset back in and all is back to warrantied original spec. M....
  12. Hi all. I've been watching this forum for ages now and finally decided to join. Mainly to share with you what I've done with my Skyliner 300p Auto. Some of you may be aware of this chap and his work on computer control of a Supatrak mount, supatrakmounthacking (rwgastro) So I went to maplins, got my soldering iron out and installed his ascom driver on my laptop. 1 hour and £30 later my Skyliner is now fully GOTO! Only tested indoors so far but it does appear to do what it should and would certainly be good enough to get you near your target with a wide eyepeice. Cheers MARK....
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