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  1. Aliexpress alternative This seems like a steal, use the same sensor and have a good housing that seems easy enough to modify the frontplate
  2. Well this proves how insanely spontaneous i am, i was so close to ordering it right now. Will wait for tomorrow at least.
  3. Looks interesting, won't ship to me though (Norway). Will have a look around for cameras with that sensor.
  4. Ok, makes sense. You think you can do anything fun with this? https://www.ebay.com/p/Basler-L103k-1k-Digital-Line-Scan-Camera-L100-Series/1001673632 I have one nearby for 30 pounds.
  5. Cmos is the way to go now for the last couple years is this not true? I would imagine that the newer cam the better sensor, for instance, Logitech Pro 3000, 4000, 5000 the newer the better? What are we looking for when it comes to sensors?
  6. Seen versions of both of them, surprisingly good results. I'm down to make a few different, mainly because i like making stuff. I would prefer having the best cam possible though so that one got good results with it. A friend is shipping me a Olympus OM-D E-M1 for more serious photography, but i'd like the DIY solution in the meantime.
  7. Been looking thru videos and threads the past weeks but can't find anything new, what is the preferred webcam now to modify? Was bored today and made one out of one of the cheapest cameras around just to test the theory behind it. I have loads of 1.25 carbon tubing so that's a start.
  8. ^This and what i have attached with this post really gave my brain some trouble today. I'm glad someone had uploaded a copy of the manual on the web. I guess my DEC circle is off? When EQ aligning it and the wedge is correctly set to the Lat and the stand set to north then the polaris should be more or less bang on with the DEC sat at 90?
  9. Rambi

    Hey hello

    You never realised how much you despise clouds until you get your first telescope.
  10. Nvm, looks like it clocks out at 60 just where the screw ends so i'm just inside.
  11. But, it only goes to 45, im at 59, Im clearly stupid in some way now but i can't see how i will get this scale to work. Glad to hear, I basically had no idea what i came home with.
  12. Rambi

    Hey hello

    No turning back now, scope is in the house. Now if it would stop snowing that would be great.
  13. Sweet, a C5+ is now standing in my living room. It was in great condition, one owner, bought it for him and his children 20 years ago, Used it a handful times and then left it standing unused. So yeah, im happy. Snapped the finderscope mount during transport though, on closer inspection it was already dmg at the area were it snapped so it was due i guess. Epoxing it now. Telescope came with loads of adapters that i have no idea what it is, link; https://imgur.com/a/ewCg6 Also a bit confused with the wedge, I was expecting latitude numbers on it but instead it looks like regular degree numbers instead, probably just me that misunderstood the whole EQ concept.
  14. Rambi

    Hey hello

    Probably manageable yes but i will let someone else be the guinea pig for that
  15. Rambi

    Hey hello

    Thank you C5+ is what i'm going to look at tomorrow, I almost went "according to me" full retard as i usually do and was about to buy a 200p on a eq5, good and better for sure, but 1, its my first scope, 2 i live in a tiny apartment, 3 drive a lotus elise, so it was not the scope for me. C5+ seems more like what i want to begin with. I know i will take of like a rocket if i like this hobby/lifestyle and upgrade if that's the case but for now it seems appropriate.
  16. 59 lat, mid Norway is clear, I don't have scope yet though so happy sightings to the ones that have.
  17. Rambi

    Hey hello

    So looking at my post count i might have done this in the wrong order, but hey, better late than never. Hi all, I'm a swede which will be looking at the sky from Norway due to work (same same i reckon). Already gotten a fair bit of advice on this forum, well, one could say that you could tell me anything about telescopes and i would be wiser, i never looked thru one. Hopefully i buy my first tomorrow. Cheers Christoffer
  18. No, thank you. eyepieces and accessories is what's next on the list (if i buy the telescope that is).
  19. That's correct, i did deliberately not share all pictures due to that his house was in the picture where the case was clearly visible, it's also a pic on the corrector plate from a few meters away that as far as i can see shows it to be "ok", but you never really know before you are there in person. The seller do not know that i shared the pics so best to be at least somewhat respectful how i use them.
  20. I'm a fellow swede actually, just ended up across the border. And yes the prices seem to be quite similar between Norway/Sweden, In fact for once Norway actually seems cheaper when it comes to this hobby. Have a look at finn.no it seems to be a lot more than on blocket.se that im guessing you are looking at, its spelled stjernekikkert (telescope) in Norway.
  21. Hmm, just noticed that i clicked the "+" believing that it gave rep when it infact was for multi quoting, how do i give rep? Want to show that i appreciate the help that im getting.
  22. "Buy it if the price is right" This came up a couple times above, The follow up question then becomes, what price is right for this if its in good working condition? I'm going to have a look at it tomorrow, just bought a battery just incase its depleted when i arrive (2h drive).
  23. Thank you for the input. The price is around 150 so it's a nice starting price for a person in my situation, I also like the formfactor so that i will actually use it "tiny apartment and car". Im known to go all in unfortunately but this time i'm trying to hold back and get something cheap to begin with. I learnt collimation and how to use equatorial mount (in theory), so i hopefully won't have too much of a trouble with that. The corrector plate is easy enough to spot damages on but is there a way to check the main mirror for defaults thru the eyepiece or is this done by inspecting it thru the corrector plate? Seeing the mount is motor driven it's important to check for play in the drive i guess, also this went out of production in 98 so i reckon spare parts aren't even worth looking for.
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