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  1. Just checked my camera no use it’s a Panasonic DCM FZ28 might have to look for a cheap camera that’s compatible with Sky-Watcher Explorer 130
  2. Hi I have a az5 mount also not sure name on camera but does have movable ring for attaching something to sure that would work
  3. Hi guys, I have a sky-watcher Explorer 130 is there any way to take pictures by adding an adapter or something....thanks
  4. Hi can anybody recommend a good finder scope, thanks
  5. Hi guys just went out to have a look through my telescope And noticed that on top of mylense looksfoggy , so I changed thelense for another and that is alsofoggy what could be causing this issue, as it clearly cannot be all the lenses its cold out side but I have had my telescope and my len.
  6. Hi guy can anybody recommend a good spotting scope about £100...thanks
  7. When I brought mine back in from the cold about 10 minutes later I have a cracking noise I presume that was the telescope changing from different temperatures no cracked mirrors or anything so that’s good
  8. Hi Alan, I have a Skywatcher Explorer 300 mm. regards daniel
  9. I have managed to get out tonight for the first time my experience as I have been testing my 25 mm lens 15 mm lens 10 mm lens also x2 Barlow but I see no difference in the skies from the size of the Star....any advice.... I have been focusing on the brightest star but see no difference in size through the lenses I am using very strange. regards Daniel
  10. Recently bought sky watcher 130PS Az5 I am looking for storage ideas thanks
  11. Hi it’s terrestrial viewing what Eyepiece would you recommend thanks
  12. Hi how can I make my SkyWatcher Explorer 130 PS AZ5 Telescope see in terrestrial view also can anybody recommend me a really good bag to carry tripod and telescope thanks
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