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  1. I'm about a year into astrophotography and have been using a Skywatcher Star Adventurer with a Canon 5D MIII & Sigma 150-600mm telephoto lens. I've gotten my polar alignment down and best have achieved up to 60sec exposures at 400mm. I'm looking to extend my exposure time, and am looking for advice on the right path to take with purchasing an autoguiding scope and camera. I'm planning on mounting it on the hot shoe of the camera so it's always pointing in the right direction. Over time, I'd like to upgrade my gear to higher quality setup (solid EQ mount, Telescope, CCD, etc), so I'm wondering if anyone has advice on a guide cam & scope that I wouldn't outgrow as I start to improve my other equipment. I'm looking at the Orion Magnificent Mini Autoguider package since it's affordable but I'm worried of spending less money now, only to have to purchase the "right" guiding package a year or two from now. BTW, this is my first post, so any and all advice is appreciated! Below is an example of Andromeda I was able to capture with my current set up.
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