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  1. hi, welcome to the forum. An 8" dob is great! Lots of brilliant views to be had there. Like you said - all you need now isa clear sky
  2. Hi All In a recent post it was suggested to me that I should take a look at Patrick Moore's book, 'exploring the night sky with binoculars' as I had just got myself an 80mm short tube refractor. As this was my first ever telescope I guess I can be forgiven for having false expectations - taking the scope out and viewing all the wonders of the night sky like a pro - this is of course not the case. So I got the book and made another mistake - I flicked through it with a cynical eye looking briefly at the pictures and putting it down again. A day or two later I gave it another chance, rea
  3. I'm all new to visual astronomy but i have been watching a guy on youtube called astrobackyard, he gets amazing AP images using smaller lighter refractors rather than reflectors. Check out a few vids and see...
  4. yeah, that's the 130 model. A Great size mirror in there and with that goto system, that's a nice setup. Are you planning on using it, or are you clearing it out?
  5. hi, welcome - I'm new here myself, i just got an 80mm skywatcher. enjoy the forums
  6. Hi all, so I have been reading some books with the best sky objects to look at and under many of these are little descriptions. I kept finding little lines like ' no problem for an experienced astronomer' I kept thinking to myself "how hard can it be? You point the scope and you look through the eye piece. Well, it turns out I was wrong. Last week I got my first scope, a startravel 80mm and after three clear nights I'm still not looking straight down into the eyepiece as it all goes dark where im looking into the side of the barrel. I keep flapping my hands out in front of me trying to fi
  7. that binocular monthly looks good. Thanks for ask the advice everyone.
  8. hey Paul, thanks for reply, I will have a look at those. I have had a look at some high power SW ultra wide angle eyepieces but I think they might be too powerful. Skys here in rural Norfolk are dark so I should be able to see some of the good stuff.
  9. hi all, I am new to this site - although I have read many of the threads over recent months. I have just got myself a short tube refractor, the startravel 80mm by Skywatcher. This is my first telescope and I realise that it takes time to become experienced with it but I would like to get it working to its best sooner rather than later. It was supplied with a 12.5 plossl and a 26mm plossl and it's on the az3 mount. Do you think these eyepieces are adequate? Maybe they are and I need to add a couple.. Any opinions would be appreciated - but considering the cost of the setup (140) I want to
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