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  1. Hi thanks for the advice will do that as seems the only way at the moment.
  2. As if anyone has one to sell thanks
  3. Hi Dave yes glad to be back hope you’re ok bud! I’m building a super light weight rig, just struggling to find bits and pieces due to the shortage of demand. will have to make some homemade weights. thanks
  4. Hi all need a counter weight bar for a az gti and some weights. thanks
  5. Hello all ! Its been a long break by not by choice several operations later here I am back again. I not forgotten all I learned with you lot unfortunately I had to sell all my deep sky imaging gear (still miss it and nightly headaches it gave) this time around I’m going in lightweight as can’t do the heavy gear anymore. anyway good to be back hope I can help others and also got a few questions myself, so bye for now.
  6. Hi it was bought in may this year but as soon as I got it I had a shoulder cuff repair so couldn't do anything for a few months so truthfully been used around 5 times have invoice as proof regards John
  7. Hi thanks for being patient now have separate listing prices everything is like new condition all bought in may this year with proof of purchase from flo optics apart from the mount and scope!! Zwo asi1600 mm cooled pro with 8" electronic filter wheel also the zwo lrgb filters which are optimized for the 1600mm more expensive and the narrowband filter set consists of ha 7nm s2 o3 all in original boxs there are no bits missing all complete with every item and cables instructions and box price for this £1350.00. SOLD Zwo asi120mc camera with again all items boxed and instruction
  8. Apologises all been hit today with time consuming choars will definitely get everything done for tomorrow thanks for your patience. John
  9. Hello guys from tomorrow I will relist everything separately and provide prices photos and descriptions so get ready for some quality gear at at a good price please inbox me for details and sale will be on receiving payment or deposit to guarantee items on a 1st come 1st served basis thanks..
  10. Ok guys if I dont get a buyer by Sunday I will split it up and put single prices on the items!!
  11. After a heavy decision I have decided to end astrophotography and am looking to sell a complete imaging setup just need to work a price out! My gear is as follows... Heq5 pro mount with synscan handset Skywatcher 80ed apo telescope 600mm with aluminium flight case Skywatcher x.85 flattener/reducer 2months old Zwo Asi 1600mm cooled 3.0 USB latest model Zwo asi 120mc used as a guiding camera Zwo electronic 8 position filter wheel 1.25 Zwo LRGB filter set not the cheap ones Zwo narrowband filter set Ha7 Oiii Sii All zwo items are 5 months old bought from flo UK All come wit
  12. No I'm definitely selling up as starting something else so listing will be on soon and will be 65% plus as mostly new 6months old with boxing
  13. Hi all I comes with a heavy heart but I'm deciding to quit astrophotography, today I will put a list together of all my equipment to sell so I will be offering a full complete imaging package as most of all my gear is new what is a rough selling price ie how much percentage is normally taken off being sold as used? Thanks in advance
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