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  1. My bad. I think I have been staring at numbers too long and I've gone a bit mad (though looking at the model numbers it does kind of give away which sensor its using haha). Noticed that @Uranium235 isn't using the 314L either - Just spurting numbers now it would seem. Thanks for simplifying, though I do still worry somewhat about the pixel size/sample rate.
  2. @Uranium235 - You seem to be the SME on this. I've been using the 130PDS for imaging with a Canon 100D for a while a want to move to mono/narrowband imaging so I can actually get out more than once a decade. Considering my budget of around £1000, what would you propose? I've considered a few cameras in this range (the Hypercam 183M Pro Tec, ZWO 183MM pro and the QHY 174M) that all use the Sony IMX178 sensor but fear the pixel size might not be a good match for the optics. I see you've had some incredible results with the Atik 314L +, which although out of my price range Im wondering might be w
  3. Hello, I'm currently using the Skywatcher Skyliner 200P reflector telescope with the 10mm and 25mm EPs that came with it. I have been viewing for a while now and think its time I upgraded the eyepieces. My budget is around £500. I'd like to be able to get a range of EPs that will provide me with wide view and higher magnification viewing (a shorter length, longer length and a barlow (or perhaps a powermate but I dont know much about these other than they are seemingly better than barlows - perhaps a little over budget)). I enjoy both planetary and DSO viewing though if I had a prefer
  4. I live at the opposite end of the country I'm afraid! Thanks all the same. I was doing hand held afocal. I considered an adapter but this is my point in question; is it worth it without a reasonable mount? Im happy to settle for good viewing with a cheaper mount that might achieve passable photos if this is possible?
  5. Greetings, Im new to the realms of astronomy and have just acquired my first telescope; an Orion Skyscanner 100m reflector. I've taken it out a few times using a childrens Ikea table as a mount and attempted some afocal photography using my Canon EOS 100D DSLR camera (without a great deal of success as can be expected!). Though I have a keen interest in astrophotgraphy, Im settling for simply viewing at this stage, with a view to purchasing a good mount in the future perhaps. Currently, I could benefit from a mount that is going to offer me some reasonable stability over a flimsy tab
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