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  1. 180mm = 7" Thus, SCT has larger aperture and I think it wins the contest.
  2. I think this is what you ask for: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B013TPZEAI/_encoding=UTF8?coliid=I29O1L0VVPYLRE&colid=2VS4T2535WNG1&psc=0
  3. You mean adding 2" eyepiece? What about adding 2" eyepiece+ a reducer? will it give the maximum performance?
  4. Hi, Ian and thanks. I am not rush at all, I really enjoy learning about telescopes before I can get one because I believe knowledge is the golden key for the fun gate in the astronomy kingdom
  5. Hi guys, it's me again, the astronomer who hadn't see or touch a telescope in person ever! this is my second post, which I believe it is more specific and the question is more direct. I am still learning so excuse my ignorance and my lack of experience and I open for any suggestion and waiting for any help I can get. I am about purchasing a telescope, that can please me and makes me finally pursue my dream of observing the night sky and see the wonders of God realm. The rules are simple, vote on what you advise me to get: 8" SCT ? 6" Maksutov? 4" APO? 6" RC? And the true q
  6. I can't thank you enough guys for your helpful replies, I really enjoyed reading them. I know I am asking a silly and impossible question and I know there is no perfect telescope and it is a personal choice but I can't take the risk of getting a telescope that has great reviews but will disappoint me and make me abandon my dream of watching the wonders of God's realm in person! And I know that most of the telescopes that I mentioned need more money (on mounts, tripods, eyepieces, etc...) to become perfect (in my definition of perfection) and I can choose any one of them and try it then if
  7. Hi everybody ... I am new to sky observing but I am not new to astronomy, I have a good background in Astronomy and Astrophysics. I was searching for a good telescope to start with sky observing and I really spent more than 6 months doing that research and I go deeply in the field of scopes but... never knew the right telescope to purchase although of that frantically search! So I decided to give up and ask you to help me with that hoping that someone can really help me to decide on a HUGE confidence. Maybe it will help to know that I narrowed down the wish list and settled down with
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