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  1. 180mm = 7" Thus, SCT has larger aperture and I think it wins the contest.
  2. I think this is what you ask for: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B013TPZEAI/_encoding=UTF8?coliid=I29O1L0VVPYLRE&colid=2VS4T2535WNG1&psc=0
  3. You mean adding 2" eyepiece? What about adding 2" eyepiece+ a reducer? will it give the maximum performance?
  4. Hi, Ian and thanks. I am not rush at all, I really enjoy learning about telescopes before I can get one because I believe knowledge is the golden key for the fun gate in the astronomy kingdom
  5. Hi guys, it's me again, the astronomer who hadn't see or touch a telescope in person ever! this is my second post, which I believe it is more specific and the question is more direct. I am still learning so excuse my ignorance and my lack of experience and I open for any suggestion and waiting for any help I can get. I am about purchasing a telescope, that can please me and makes me finally pursue my dream of observing the night sky and see the wonders of God realm. The rules are simple, vote on what you advise me to get: 8" SCT ? 6" Maksutov? 4" APO? 6" RC? And the true question is: what telescope can get me the greatest crystal sharp view? I know (as I an engineer) that there is no simple answer to this question or any question about any precise instrument like telescope, and there is unlimited factors that I must consider to obtain the true answer for that silly question, the aperture and the type of telescope will not make the answer easy but .. I will try to be more specific as much as I can. what the telescope (among the 4 types I've listed) that will make me see (Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, Andromeda, Horsehead nebula, ...) in the sharpest and most beautiful view? if any of these telescopes need some upgrades or accessories to outperform the others, then it will count as the best. I am really concerned about contrast, resolution, spectacular view. - And here I am trying to answer what you could possibly ask me: Filed of Interest? Planetary and some DSO viewing ( Excellent Planetary View, Good DSO view) Budget? max $1200 Where do you live? Iraq Light pollution? 3410 μcd/m2 (medium) Portability matters? No. Nearest Drak site? about 25 km from my home. Able to attend an astronomy event/club? No. OTA or full package? Full package prefered. The frequency of use? once a week. Astrophotography? Yes but I want to view first then I can learn AP and purchase some AP accessories later. Planetry AP or DOS AP? Excellent Planetry Ap, Fair DOS AP. Do you have a camera? Yes, Canon Rebel T6i. Want GoTo or manual mount? GoTo preferred. EQ or Alt-azimuth mount? EQ. Are dobs considered? NOOO. Hubble view Expectations? Absolutely NO. Weight & size matter? No. General Astronomy knowledge? Yes, quite good. Why these specific types? According to my 6 months deep research, I narrowed down my choices to these types. Any other types considered? Yes, as long as they meet my requirements but NO dobs, please. Why you hate dobs? I don't hate them, but dobs don't meet my expectations for now. Do you know the differences between these types? Yes, but I don't know how they perform in the observing field. Married? Yes. and this is the most important factor LoL. I just want you voting on one of these telescopes, and why you vote for it. And please if you recommend a specific telescope under the category you voted for then I will appreciate it, and if there is a link then I will be more thankful. I am really enjoying reading your quotes and your arguments, all opinions are respected and considered, after all. I am just learning from you. Thank you all in advance for your assistance.
  6. I can't thank you enough guys for your helpful replies, I really enjoyed reading them. I know I am asking a silly and impossible question and I know there is no perfect telescope and it is a personal choice but I can't take the risk of getting a telescope that has great reviews but will disappoint me and make me abandon my dream of watching the wonders of God's realm in person! And I know that most of the telescopes that I mentioned need more money (on mounts, tripods, eyepieces, etc...) to become perfect (in my definition of perfection) and I can choose any one of them and try it then if it is not what my heart adore then I can upgrade or get another one but.. I am serious about astronomy and I can't deal with telescopes as they are shoes! About DSO, well I am not uninterested in DSO at all but DSO is not a priority at the moment and I know I will turn my eyes deeper in the sky sooner or later but also I know there is NO TELESCOPE is great in either, so I am just sacrificing now for DSO to get the best of planets, then I will shoot the planets in the head and sacrifice them later. I still learning from you guys and want more
  7. Hi everybody ... I am new to sky observing but I am not new to astronomy, I have a good background in Astronomy and Astrophysics. I was searching for a good telescope to start with sky observing and I really spent more than 6 months doing that research and I go deeply in the field of scopes but... never knew the right telescope to purchase although of that frantically search! So I decided to give up and ask you to help me with that hoping that someone can really help me to decide on a HUGE confidence. Maybe it will help to know that I narrowed down the wish list and settled down with these high rated/ high-quality telescopes: Meade Instruments ETX125 Observer Telescope with Tripod .. price at Amazon: $639.99 Meade LX70 6" f/12 Maksutov-Cassegrain Telescope with German EQ Mount .. price at Amazon: $1,099.95 Omegon Telescope Pro Astrograph 304/1200 OTA .. price at Amazon: $890.00 (never rated but has a bad ass aperture!!) Sky-Watcher ProED 100mm Doublet APO Refractor Telescope .. price at Amazon: $649.00 Orion 08296 10-Inch f/3.9 Newtonian Astrograph Reflector Telescope .. price at Amazon: $649.99 Celestron NexStar 8 SE Telescope .. price at Amazon: $999.00 SkyWatcher S11530 Maksutov-Cassegrain 150mm .. price at Amazon: $680.00 Well, it is not a narrowed list, but I am too confused LoL. Ok, my requirements are simple (to me of course) 1- I am interested in planetary observing and some of famous DSO like Andromeda, I am not interested- for now at least- in DSO. 2- I want the best telescope for crystal sharp viewing and for good decent astrophotography (Yes I am also interested in astrophotography and yes I know there is no telescope excellent for both of the two aspects but.. compromising accepted. 3- I am not concerned about the cost and the price because I believe that a good view of a planet is worthing millions (or to be more humble, a $1200 at most LoL) 4- I am not concerned about the weight and the size of the telescope. 5- GoTo is good for the perfect telescope but not necessary to me. What I really need is a view that makes me cry and a picture that makes me post it on my Instagram! So I am asking: what is the perfect telescope for me? Please help .. I am drowning in my confusion
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