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  1. Best part for me: "But don’t all qualified scientists and astronomers agree that there is a moon? Indeed, but shouldn’t one be suspicious of such unanimity" ROTFLMAO
  2. I thought this had been explained with the decay of X bosons where matter is slightly preferred over antimatter with a ratio of something like 1 part in a billion.
  3. Well I haven't used that one but I have used another 3rd party one and have never had any problems with it. I would go for it since the official one is like 60-70 quid or something which seems ridiculous.
  4. For the best explanation of GR that I've ever had read "Why Does E=mc^2?" by Brian Cox. It's the first time I've read and gone wow it's sooo obvious now.
  5. Hi and welcome, I am from also from edinburgh
  6. Well just an update I gave up on using the photoresist method and went back to toner. I got some glossy paper and found a guy at my local print shop who was understanding of what I need. The boards have come out perfect and using a slightly different mix of etching solution the boards were etched in about 30 seconds. Seriously!!
  7. Well thanks for all the advice. I think I'm gonna give up on photoresist, I've found a friend with a laser printer so am gonna give that a go. Will let you know how I get on.
  8. Yeah this is more or less exactly how I'm doing it though I don't have a light box just using some lamps. How long does it take you to develop the boards I am wondering if I am not developing them for long enough. I see that most guides and the instructions that come with the boards say that it should only take about 5 mins but I am leaving them quite a bit longer and I am not convinced that the copper is well enough exposed, this might also explain why it was taking so long in the acid.
  9. Hey thanks, I was thinking about going to a printers only what paper do you use since I am not sure if they will be happy with me asking them to use magazine paper Also I read that ferric works better if heated up but I'm using hydrochloric acid + hydrogen peroxide. Do you know if this applies to that as well?
  10. Hi all, not astronomy related but maybe someone can help me. I am trying to make a pcb for an electronics project I'm working on. Now I have made some before using the toner transfer method but since where I am now I don't have a laser printer (or an iron!) I thought that I would use the photoresist method. However I can't seem to get it to work and I'm sick of wasting boards. The first couple didn't seem to develop properly so I then left them under the light longer. Then when I tried to etch one of them I had to leave it in for 2 hours!!! and then some parts had over etched but some parts st
  11. OK ignore my last post it was I looked at the code and answered my own question. I have finished mine, now the only problem is that I am in Spain and my scope is in Britain Got any ideas how I can test it without my scope
  12. Hey, I think this has been answered before but just to clarify the output pins of the arduino are 2,3,4,5? It's just that on your picture they seem to be coming from different pins. Thanks
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