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  1. Nice sharp image. Nice to just see how big it looks, at close approach. Interestingly, I had a 60 mm spotting scope which showed two bands on jupiter at 30x mag, so can't wait to see it in my 80 mm ed!
  2. So, if I have trouble with pale pink, it might appear white to me. I suspect if I looked through a 8 inch or bigger, the extra light gathering might override my handicap?
  3. No. Also two different lenses showed same colour. A 10mm ortho, and a 8-24mm baader zoom.
  4. Hi John And that is exactly what I hoped to see! . My magnification maxed out at 150 but I'd have expected some colour visually, with both scopes. The pale band I saw did match with sky safari pro. It was when syrtis major wasn't visible on 10th October.
  5. Hi. I tried to do that but no luck. But, I could stick a dslr on when we have a clear night? Sky safari pro certainly supports its position. Of course, any imaging could mislead any conclusions on colour, as it could concentrate the colour giving it a redder colour.
  6. Hi Callisto Thank you for your reply. See my response to John. Definitely not jupiter. I'm familiar with viewing that planet. It may be my eyes.
  7. Hi John, Definitely not jupiter. Location was correct for mars. I've seen jupiter and this was definitely not that planet. On all occasions also, there were no moons, which would immediately alert me. I do have issues with seeing very pale pink colour, so that might be contributing to my problem. So, it definitely wouldn't look red then? Mark
  8. Hi. I looked at Mars for first time in my life recently. I expected to see a red disc. Instead it looked white with a faint dark band. Anyone else experiencing white rather than a red colour? My wife also confirmed similar view, so it's not my eyes that are the problem. Thank you. Mark
  9. Hi Carole, thank you. It's useful to hear what you think about the relative noise. I am probably going to buy new, so if the option of the belt being already present is available, it makes sense to buy it. Thanks Mark
  10. Thank you. Is this based on using both for visual and imaging?
  11. Thank you. I have my eye on a new heq5 pro with Rowan belt mod already built in for only £120 extra cost. Every time I look at astrosell, heq5 mounts are already sold or wanted! The resell value is always pretty high too, so buying new is less risky. My finger is hovering over the trigger! Bit like Davros, if you remember him! I think it is the high cost that is causing the finger to shake. But, I have a secondhand ED80, a Nikon D7000, knowledge of Photoshop and camera adapters etc. The mount and a lithium polymer battery are the missing links, but a hefty outlay. Thanks for your co
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