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  1. Quick question. If it is located 600 lightyears away how far in the past are we looking at it? is it 600 years or much older then that?
  2. It was new but the first time i have tried this in the year of having it
  3. I tried to collimate my 200p the other night and had some real trouble with the secondary bolts. I tried to loosen the center screw but it is stuck tight. This also has the same effect with the adjustment screws and i cant make them budge. I have not dont this before so its not the case of over tightening before. It looks like i will have to take the secondary out and try with some more force. Has anyone had to do this before? I did post this up in the beginners forum but it was badly worded as i was on the phone and my son was trying to drag me around the room.
  4. I have never ajusted mine and all of the are too tight for me to undo. I have taken the mirror out to try and get it loose but its stuck solid. The adjusting screws are also stuck tight with is a pain as well. Looks like it will need to go in a clamp
  5. I tried to collimate my 200p for the first time but I can't loosen any of the screws on the secondary. What is the best way to do this. Should I take the secondary out and out it in a clamp
  6. Talking about Polaris I was just not sure the central london sky will have it visible but i will check what is out when the clocks go forward.
  7. It will be a first time for all of them so im sure a few minutes of the moon and jupiter will have them more then happy. If i can add a couple of clusters as well then I think i will be getting a few requests on scope types lol. I love this hobby and even if i dont get any scope time myself i will enjoy getting others interested in it.
  8. A few people at work are aware i am a keen astronomer as i have showed them a few of my pictures i have taken. I did mention to a couple i would bring my quick scope to put on the building roof to show off the moon and jupiter. Well word has gotten around and now there are about 25 people who are interested in taking a look. As there is so many im going to drive in with my goto as it will be a lot easier to use as i wont have to move the scope anywhere. As this is in London, jupiter and the moon are safe bets and i dont think i can go wrong with that and im sure everyone will be happy. M
  9. I travel to Selsey to visit my wifes grandparents. Its about 3 hours away but lovely dark skies. I never used to go until i was forced and now i try go at least once a month.
  10. bibbsy yours is E if thats what you mean
  11. 51 31N 000 24E should be what you put in for location
  12. If all else fails im only round the corner so give me a shout and i will help you out.
  13. The star im aligning too is not always in view as well and needs a little tweak to find it.
  14. Ok from the beginning Have you set up the mount for home position?. If not then this is a must and its something that you need to do asap. Watching astronomy shed you can see him setting it up with the setting circles but you don't need to do that. Just get it levelled and put a pen mark so you can get to the home position whenever you set up. When you get the mount outside make sure its level. Follow how it does it in the video or just do it by the bubble on the mount and it will be fine . When you look through the polar scope, if you can see Polaris there then just keep it as that for now
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