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  1. Then try a William optics apo with one of there adjustable field flatteners....no need for spacers....oh but the price of it ££££.lol.
  2. Oh and body only, along with a t mount for attaching the camera body /field flattener to the telescope...the telescope becomes the lens.
  3. You're going to need the field flattener also....most people are using canon dslr's for astrophotography by the looks of it...even better if you can find one that's been modified for astro work.
  4. I believe you really need a eq go to mount for tracking....or.... a skywatcher star adventurer and a small refractor...that'd be a good start . I'm still waiting for a eqm-35 and William optics zenithstar z73 with it's flattener for my first astro set-up....it wasn't a cheap start but still probably very much entry level in astrophotography terms....if you really want to make a good start to it....I'd maybe suggest saving a little extra money until you can manage to get something that will satisfy your needs....if you buy don't buy correctly in the beginning....disappointment and dissatisfaction with the results of your efforts will soon leed to a lose of interest in the hobby and in the end your hard earned cash.
  5. + a field flattener.....the budget is well and truly blown.
  6. Hi Mycro...I think you've done a fantastic job with the kit you have...I myself am awaiting delivery of the eqm-35 mount along with William optics z73.....the canon eos 2000d..I'm not familiar with, but have used entry level dslr's in the past and I'm really not happy pushing the iso past that 1600 speed....if you have good noise reduction software....maybe 3200...but I'd be very reluctant to go beyond that for astro work.....but ateotd the proof is in the end product...so give it a try....it's not as if your waisting good film...just precious time.
  7. I know the WO z73 won't be great for observing...but it'll do until I can put away the cash for a newt of some sort for that purpose...I thought I'd get the best apo I could afford at the moment for imaging as opposed to try buying something of lesser quality and getting a newt at the same time.
  8. Well we do have some badgers and a ospreys nest in the Galloway forest area..I'm not too far from.
  9. Weather is lovely today..about 24 Celsius on the west coast.
  10. Ok thanks John..I didn't think the difference between f5.9 and f6 would matter..in the camera world it would be next to no difference in the brightness of the image . cheers for the help guy's it's much appreciated....meanwhile this is my wee list of goodies on order can't wait..I'm afraid as soon as it gets here the sky's in currently sunny Scotland will have changed into the usual rain and cloud.....that's the way it goes eh...2 weeks of free clouds with a new scope.lol.
  11. Hi Philip...I've actually been a member for a couple of years now...but have been away from astro since selling my 150pds...but purchasing some bins last month and getting some new gear in the next week or so is getting me back into it again.
  12. That's what I needed to know..thanks Ricochet...and yes the seller flo did describe it as a focal ratio up to f6 and above...so I've now bought a eyepiece that might not be suitable for my William optics z73..although it's not much out @f5.9.
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