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  1. Rubbish in sw Scotland too. I think the second header on this thread "what can I expect to see" Well if you stay in the UK....Nothing!.
  2. Hey Neil..I'm just thinking that the Nikon d810...a fantastic camera it is. I'm just wondering how much time and space it's going to take up on the processing side of things..your going to be taking hundreds of images on a good night's imaging.....that 36 mp sensor is going to be asking lots of post processing power...I think.
  3. Hi Neil and welcome. I think all advice will point to, no mount is overkill...buy the best mount you can afford....as you say the h-eq5 will handle a good few upgrades over the coming months....if you can actually get your hands on one....the backlog for astro gear is crazy just now....I waited 3 1/2 months for my skywatcher eqm-35 pro mount between May and August last year.
  4. I was using a baader hyperion zoom eyepiece and tried everything in between....the seeing was not up to much in any of the focal lengths...I'm just assuming that the atmospheric conditions as you mentioned weren't great . oh and I had left the 8se in the shed most of the day and dew shield was on.lol.
  5. I had the same issue on the same scope the other week...just a fuzzy mess at high mag (8mm)and was still just a speck of light @ 24mm. I can't say I've been impressed as yet by the 8se.
  6. The zenithstar has a huge amount of back focus.....but if I have issues I can just get a couple of wide field eyepieces for the 8se.....at some point....they are expensive.
  7. Hi guy's, just wondering what the general consensus is from you knowledgeable folks about bino viewers....I have a William optics zenithstar z73 ii and a celestron nextar 8se, although the WO was bought primarily for imaging...I do also love the views it gives and find myself observing more than imaging for the moment....I want to learn more about the sky at night visually before jumping straight into imaging...even though I have the gear for a basic setup and know my way around my Sony a7........anyway I think I'd appreciate the views even more through both eyes and I was drawn to the WO bino
  8. Welcome Michael...I'm in South Ayrshire myself...had some good clear skies last week.....but be prepared for lots of cloudy weather in sw Scotland.lol.
  9. For the likes of our own milkyway...yes..camera and a wide angle lens ....remember that your Nikon dx based d5100 has a crop factor of 1.5..meaning your 18-55 mm kit lens is around 27-82 in Full frame (FX)terms So a lens as wide as you can get your hands on in dx form.
  10. You don't use a lens for prime focus astrophotography....the telescope is essentially the lens...so your Nikon d5100 body only with the necessary adapters attaches to your 130 pds....oh and your nikon uses f mount lenses incase you're wondering for some wide field astro work.hope that might clear it update a tad.
  11. My father's day gifts from my kids for tomorrow....Making every photon count and turn left at Orion..well there not really kids...but you know what I mean.
  12. Hi Mackem and welcome to sgl.....I'm still waiting on a few bits n bobs to start my endeavour into astrophotography...much like yourself although I have been a amateur photographer for 9 years and know my way around a dslr /mirrorless camera and I've shot a few night sky and star trail images.... If your starting from absolutely scratch...I think baby steps is the best advice I can give to you..it seems you want to run a marathon before you've learned to crawl...if you've already done some reading then surely you'd know this.....definitely no such thing as a Jack of all trades telescope..
  13. I can't really help you with which one to choose..All I can say is that I received my WO zenithstar 73ii yesterday and I'm fair chuffed with the build quality of the thing...built like a tank these are....oh and that focuser is soooo smooth and I haven't even looked at the sky yet...just a couple of birds across the street......flying ones... before anyone gets any ideas.lol.
  14. My new frac...as you can see...still waiting on the eqm-35.
  15. In the same boat..my WO zenithstar 73ii arrived yesterday....cloud and thunderstorms up here on the west coast of Scotland.....flo box does state.."may contain clouds"....still waiting on my mount to arrive anyways. That scope of yours looks like a rather large dob...300'???
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