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  1. Thanks. Much appreciated. I see Celestron AVX is on the list. /Rune
  2. Hi, Does anyone here know if SkySafari 6 works with Celestron Starsense and AVX Mount. I know the SkyPortal works and that uses SkySafari 5 Basic. /Rune
  3. Thanks for all the help and advice. I actually bought the ES 17mm 92 degree and one TV Plossl 11mm. I hope the ES will impress me. I think my next eyepieces will be the Delos. Very kind of you to share your knowledge with me. /Rune
  4. Thanks for the feedback. I will look into the Pentax eyepieces. But is a 10 % discount to TV eyepieces good? Or will there be better discounts in January? I see that some online stores have 10 % discount as we speak. Thanks again and happy holidays! /Rune
  5. Hi, I am new on this forum and I would appreciate some advice on which one to choose. Background: Scopes: SkyWatcher 120 ED Equinox and Vixen SD81S (120 ED is my primary). Mounts: HEQ5Pro and Celestron AVX I use the latter because its lightweight and very easy to polaralign (im lazy :-) ) I have some Baader Hyperion eyepces 5mm, 10 mm and 24mm and one TeleVue Plossl 32mm 1.25" After I got the TV Plossl 32mm I actually dont want to use the Hyperions anymore because I find them "inferior" to the TV Plossl. So back to the advice I need from more experienced obs
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