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  1. The info you all are giving is brilliant, thank you again. To have these great starting tips coming from more experienced users is so appreciated and I will be sure to take it all in. I don’t have any expectations yet on exactly what I will see when first using the Skywatcher Scope & have only ever viewed the moon and stars etc with my own sight so it’s all going to be a big learning curve but hopefully an exciting & rewarding one once we get to grips with the basics! I’m going to get Karl to join this group as well so he too has access to all the site has to offer and I’m sure Christmas Day will be occupied with setting up & testing the scope in daylight! I’ve also brought him a visit to our local Observatory used by the county’s university, they have evening talks & activities where enthusiasts can use their big telescopes & planetarium. So all in all I hope he will be very pleased with his Xmas gifts!! ? i haven’t brought any extra lenses or equipment other then a moon filter & 2018 guide to the night sky book so hope all that’s with the telescope is sufficient for now? But have noted all your suggestions as what else will be useful! thanks again all ?
  2. Hi all, so I went with buying a Skywatcher Skyliner 150p after reading lots of opinions on beginners telescope choices for my budget in a previous post (thank you all by the way!), and it’s arrived and wow it’s exciting to see even in the boxes!! (Also slightly bigger then I expected so wrapping it up and hiding it from my boyfriend ready for Xmas has been a tad tricky haha!). so I’m now here again asking for some advice on getting him (& me) started with using the telescope, just wondering if there is any good starting points to read up on or tips on what to be looking at first! Any more thorough guides to this Skywatcher Skyliner etc too so setting up goes smoothly? just thought to ask in advance as it will be nice to point him in the right direction as soon as poss! thanks Tara ?
  3. Wow thank you all for such informative and clear replies (for a beginner like me!) I wish I had posted sooner as I’ve been back and forth for weeks pondering what the best telescope I could get would be! It’s a mine field of choices so to hear your opinions has given me confidence to finally make a decision thank god! I’d love to be able to spend more and more but I’ve already jumped from my starting place of thinking a basic Celestron PowerSeeker would be ok to now being really excited to push it a bit further and get a Skywatcher so already got the bigger aperture bug! It’s sounding like the Skywatcher Skyline 150p (not forgetting it’s Dob Mount!, imagine I’d got the Explorer without one and just had to sit there attempting to hold it steady haha!) is the winner here and I will either go with buying from the more local Tring store incase I need help or have found one on webex site as well which has next day delivery, given that I’d like this for Christmas! https://www.wexphotovideo.com/sky-watcher-skyliner-150p-classic-parabolic-dobsonian-telescope-10564/ Do you think it will be ok to wait a few weeks to buy the Collimator and the RACI? Just so I can build my funds up again? And how about the lenses, will I require more to get better results? I read that a 15mm plossl is a good addition? Do all fit universally or do each brand have specific lenses and accessories? So so many questions and I’ve not even got the telescope yet haha!! Thank you all again x
  4. Hi there, and thank you firstly Dave & Ian for advice so far. I should say this is a present for my partner who is a keen beginner like me in all astronomy & wants to learn more. His knowledge is better then mine but I’d like this to be a surprise gift so can’t ask his advice either! To be able to view the moon, planets and nebulae etc would be wonderful for him. And yes just realised on looking back that the Stargazer Explorer for £200 is that price as doesn’t have a mount! Wow great rookie mistake by me haha!! https://www.tringastro.co.uk/sky-watcher-explorer-150p-ota-3857-p.asp?gclid=Cj0KCQiAyNjRBRCpARIsAPDBnn09KC1KgAiwF64Re0byKOkR7CdQAnqwpjW2DwSCf3iEqEuMTyTkpgUaAuDLEALw_wcB so would you say the Skywatcher skyliner 150p is the next best telescope? Or is there anything else out there more suitable at this budget?
  5. Hi there, I’m looking for advice as to which of these telescopes would be the Best Buy & most useful for a beginner, I’ve been reading different reviews on sales websites but can’t make a decision, budget needs to stay around £200. So have whittled it down to Sky-Watcher Explorer 150P or skywatcher skyliner 150p telescope? What’s the difference?
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