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  1. My best Jupiter shot so far: Meade 90mm f8.8 refractor. Camera was modded Logitech C310, with 2x barlow. 20 sec video, stacked in AutoStakkert, processed in RegiStax.
  2. Thanks! I simply can't wait for mars and saturn to be at opposition.
  3. Another Jupiter shot, with a 2x barlow this time:
  4. The mars one wasnt mine. it was @tooth_dr's. And only the Jupiter with the GRS is mine.
  5. Based on what you said, a nextstar 8SE is the best compromise for both visual and astrophotography. The long focal ratio allows good views of planets. Most would agree, a 16in+ apeture SCT would be a "dream telescope" The 8in aperture allows good views of DSOs and Planets. And it is GoTo.
  6. Ah, I see. So you get about equivalent quality.
  7. My only "complaint" is that Jupiter is a little while from being an evening planet, and it is the perfect photographic planet.
  8. A while ago, I modified a Logitech C310 for astrophotography, and here are the various pictures I have taken: Telescope specs is Meade 90mm f8.8 refractor. Webcam was used in prime focus. Moon Saturn
  9. As I was browsing through orions webcams, I saw that a 1.3mp camera costs $70. The (software enhanced? What does that mean?)5mp Logitech c310 I have modified costs only $30. Is it really better than the commercial one? Or is there a catch in the 'software enhanced'?
  10. Wow. That looks almost HST quality. That really needs more magnification.
  11. I have one question: Can you photograph even "bright" DSO's (M42) practally with an iPhone and a 8-10in non-GoTo dob? I know you can, (ive got camera glimpses with a 3.5 in) but is it practical? And what about the brighter galaxies/planetary nebulas? (M27, M57, Virgo Supercluster?)
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