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  1. i think thats a lot of robots .NASA must think in colonizing and terraforming indeed.............. its better plan. .no wasting time pleasze.lol
  2. i think its a good idea ..........its like the begining of ship navigation in earth .lol
  3. the universe is immense strange and mysterious........the WOW signal must be a noise of some kind of star .....or even the fact of stellar explotion..
  4. tzwo planets in the same orbit must be too small the protoplanetery disk wzhrere they formed must be too thik .its possible but must be very rare in the universe.
  5. the bright spots in the galaxy they are many they only must be emmissions nebulae.
  6. if grimson star is a red giant his nerar of his collapse and death. somday she will disappear from the dskies its only a matter odf time. babye. lolz
  7. beautiful images of double stars.the Eternal tight dance.
  8. Supermassive B?lack holes massive as billóns of suns and the the gravitational pull is very strong. Galaxies consumed by its Supermassive blackholes in its core its possible if the galaxy is too small and its density is too low but we need a proof and cases of it This idea still a science fiction for now.?
  9. hi the speed of light like all things has a beging and an end.i think the light made of photons cant run infiniely its anti natural. like the universe has a beginig and a end.the big Crunch. from dark comes light and from light comes dark. thanks.
  10. hi dark matter is75 % of the universe its a considerable amount of matter its like jelatine for me its made of wimps particulses its like huge magnet . with an attraction force inward .dark matter is probably made of micro black holes like some theories argue. dark matter is a huge magnet. i hope that in the near future we can discover the real nature of this mysterious matter the ghost matter. thanks
  11. Hi Creepy name phontom galaxy Im gonna look for for in the MMessier Objects mysterious galaxy. Thanks
  12. Hi. Amazing photo. The moon look s beautiful and the plane too. Thanks.
  13. about the panspermia theorie we are the aliens with a higher technology someday we gonna be a multiplanetery species we gonna spread life every where its matter of time,find other life forms in Deep space will be a priority we are the explorers above all,exoplanetery is the future.robotics too. long life and prosper. thanks..
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