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  1. Good evening

    I had a similar evening on Sunday, and found the Eskimo and Crab, as you did. Crab looked pretty well defined through a 2x Barlowed 32mm EP (mag x75). Eskimo was trickier but there was definition between the nebulous outer region and the core. I didn't go any higher as I got over - excited at just finding them and forgot.
  2. Opening the Trapezium.

    I thought I got E on Sunday night with an 8" dob at x240, but couldn't be sure as I lack experience and might well have been imagining it. I don't think seeing was brilliant as I failed to split other stars that I had done the previous night. NW England location.

    Yeah, I need to start making notes, to keep track if nothing else!

    I've always had a vague interest in astronomy and hankered after a telescope, finally had the means and the land to justify a proper one (well, an 8" dob) and wow, is it addictive! I've seen all sorts already and I've been at it for a month. Andromeda (including M32 and M110), M42/43 and the trapezium, M81 and M82, M36-38, M1, M35, the Eskimo nebula, various NGC clusters, various doubles and all from my back garden. I'm on the edge of a small market town so LP is present but not too intrusive. Piece de resistance was M33 tonight. Just a faint blur, obviously, and after I'd had a celebratory beer I couldn't find it again but I'm in no doubt. The girl next door hanging out of her window smoking a fag must have thought I was nuts, I was literally dancing with glee. Can't wait to get to an actual dark site. Fantastic!
  5. Planetary nebulae - what's the knack?

    YEAH! BAGGED ME AN ESKIMO! Now there's a sentence i never thought I'd say 😊
  6. Planetary nebulae - what's the knack?

    Thanks John. I've got the Cambridge Star Atlas and the Sky and Telescope Pocket one, as well as Turn Left At Orion. 8" dob as well in pretty dark skies, so the only thing I have to blame is my own incompetence haha
  7. Planetary nebulae - what's the knack?

    Thanks for that, that's helpful info. I think it's the size that's confusing me. I'm aware that they tend to look like slightly fuzzy stars at low mag, so it's a case of 'well, which one?'. There are loads of slightly faint stars in my field of view and I'm not yet experienced enough to know my way around the fainter ones, so I'm not sure which one I should be going in on higher power. Oh well, onwards and upwards!
  8. Planetary nebulae - what's the knack?

    Such an idiot, I've just noticed the thread entitled 'Planetary nebulae - a little guide' literally next to this one, and which contains all the information I could need. As you were!
  9. Planetary nebulae - what's the knack?

    Thanks all. I'd been reading about filters and was under the impression that a UHC would be better for general use, with an O-III more useful for certain targets? And that's an interesting prism suggestion, I'm going to borrow one from work.
  10. Just been out with the scope and had what was to me (I've been observing with a scope (8" dob) for about a month) a great session. M31 and M42/43 as a warm-up, then M36-38, all great. Then found M1, which I've heard can be tricky so I was pretty pleased, as I was with M81 and 82. A few of the Orion dobsonian doubles from 'Turn Left At Orion' split, and I felt like a king. So, dander up, I thought I'd have a go at the Eskimo Nebula and I'm blowed if I can see anything. At all. As I was when I had a look for M57 a few weeks back. Is there a knack for planetaries? I don't have a filter but am considering a UHC.
  11. Hello from Cumbria

    Haha, not too far from Barrow though, so I'm still keeping it real 😉 Thanks all, nice welcome.
  12. Hello from Cumbria

    Hi, I'm Mark from Ulverston. After years of being interested but not really being in a position to buy one, took the plunge on the apparently ubiquitous Skywatcher 200p Dob. I've only had it a month but impressed so far. Really enthused about using it more, problem being that Cumbria isn't exactly renowned for clear skies! LP not too bad from my garden though - milky way visible overhead, I've seen M81/82 with no probs fairly low down etc. There's a reasonably dark site (I think it is anyway but I'm new - found M33 through binos if that tells you anything) just out of town for trickier stuff anyway, and Grizedale not too far away. Anyway, howdy all, been lurking for a while, seems a good place for advice.